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Fixing Roller Window Blinds

Fixing Roller Window Blinds

Advice On Making Your Roller Blinds Brand New

Fixing roller blinds can be a very important task due to the fact that they are ultimately there to protect your window, your privacy and fulfill your interior space. You are perfectly aware that having blinds that do not function properly equals to having none at all. Dysfunctional blinds could prevent you from controlling the amount of light within the room, enjoying a beautiful, sunny day outside, letting some fresh air in or otherwise limit all the benefices this type of window treatment has. This is why it is very important to have a functional blind and be able to fix your roller blind whenever needed.

A word or two on roller blinds

Firstly, a word or two on this type of window covering. A roller blind consists of an aluminum tube attached at the window top via brackets and with some kind of fabric rolled up around it. When you pull the tube down, the rolled fabric unfolds and covers the whole or just a part of the window, depending on the level the blind is set and locked on. It is usually operated by a chain or a remote used for motorized roller blinds which have a motor installed inside the tube. These blinds are made from different kinds of materials like linen, cotton or polyester and usually come in more or less transparent options, including blackout blinds which are not see-through in any way to translucent and sheer ones. These window treatments will protect your privacy, allow you to control the amount of light and contribute to your window’s and thus your home thermal insulation and not to mention their timeless and stylish look.

Prepare to repair!

Now, if you have purchased this type of blinds being aware of all the previously mentioned characteristics and advantages, you probably want them to function properly. If that is not the case, you will need to know how to fix your roller blinds. Firstly, know that there are a few things that usually go wrong with these blinds, like the blind folding and rolling up to fast, being too loose or having a damaged and slipped chain. Do not despair, since repairing your roller blind could be quite a simple task with proper guidance.

If your blind rolls up too fast can be repaired by slackening the tension of the spring. And the other way around. If the blind is too loose, you will have to increase the spring tension. The first thing you could do is roll up the blind and take it down. When removed from the brackets, roll it up and down manually a few times. This could easily be the only thing you will have to do. Simply reattach the blind and test if the spring tension is adequate. If this has not loosened or tightened the spring, you will need to try something else.…

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5 BIG Reasons to Get a Home Water Dispenser System With a Filter

5 BIG Reasons to Get a Home Water Dispenser System With a Filter

Still up in the air as to whether or not you should get a home water dispenser with a filter? This article will give you 5 BIG reasons to get a home water dispenser with a filter on it. After all, we want to stay as healthy as possible, right?

REASON #1. Tap water contamination is real and it is more widespread than you may think.

Many people like to stay in denial and continue to think that the water coming out of our faucets are completely safe to drink. But what these people do not realize is that there are MULTIPLE contaminants in most of the water we drink.

We constructed our home and water systems with pipes, fixtures, and soldering joints made with lead. We use over 80,000 toxic synthetic chemicals in our society today, whether they are used in cleaning supplies, on farms, or to make many of the products we use today. We even add a known chemical to our water treatment plants in order to kill off bacteria! Sure it’s much needed, but that doesn’t mean that we should be drinking the chlorine they add to the water supply!

REASON #2. Getting a home water dispenser with a filter is actually cheaper and healthier than buying bottled water.

It’s assumed by many that bottled water is safer than tap water, and in some cases they are right. However, there is a severe lack of regulation in the bottled water industry today. Over half of all bottled water is not even required to be tested or meet certain standards simply because they are produced and sold within state lines. A large majority of bottled water is simple repackages tap water, and 95% of the costs of bottled water pay for the bottle, label, cap, and transportation alone!

With a home water dispenser, you can fill your own bottled with water that you know is safe and pure. The best part is you can get a whole gallon of it whenever you want for just pennies!

REASON #3. Home water dispensers without filters do not guarantee safe and pure drinking water.

Companies like Poland Springs sell home water dispensers, but the water they supply you is just the same as what they sell in the bottle. There’s no way of assuring that it’s safe and pure! Get a home water dispenser with a filter build into it, attach it to your tap water system, and get clean and healthy water for much cheaper.

REASON #4. You can’t beat the convenience of having a home water dispenser with a filter on it.

When you resort to buying bottled water for your family, you can eventually run out. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a home water dispenser in your home to get pure and healthy water whenever you want?

REASON #5. Protect your health and the health of your whole family.

Everything that happens within our bodies happens with water. Our bodies are build to run on water and the natural minerals that are in it. You get the most benefits for water when you consume water that’s pure and healthy. Don’t let your family consume chlorine, lead, and synthetic chemicals on a regular basis. A quality home water dispenser with a filter can help protect your family’s health not only in the short-term, but the long-run as well.…

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How to Add Privacy With a Colored and Frosted Glass Block Shower Window and Wall

How to Add Privacy With a Colored and Frosted Glass Block Shower Window and Wall

Todd and Austene had a problem – a nasty looking cramped old 50’s style bathroom without enough light they could both barely fit into. They wanted to get a bathroom and shower space that would feel like a spa – but it wasn’t about to happen in this small space. Here’s how they converted their tight bathroom space into a private spa type retreat with they style and privacy they desired.

Step 1 – Have a plan to make it cool – A well planned and executed bathroom remodeling project does not begin with a hammer, it begins with a plan. Since Todd and Austene wanted a larger more relaxing space they knew they would not only need to gain more room for the shower/bath – but they would also need to add in fun elements to make the space functional and relaxing. They looked at the adjoining rooms around the current bathroom and decided to take space from the spare bedroom. To make the shower relaxing and functional they decided to get rid of the bathtub and add a shower with a corner bench seat and slate and glass tile walls. To make the space more useable and enjoyable (and deal with the challenge and benefit of a window in the shower) they added a colored and frosted glass block shower window and wall and also heated floors.

Step 2 – Knock down that wall – Sometimes you’ve got to borrow space from an adjoining room (spare room, closet, or an oversized master bedroom) to make your bathroom dreams become a reality. Todd and Austene along with contractor Matt Muenster blew down the wall to an adjoining spare bedroom.

Step 3 – Order your prefabricated glass block window and wall sections – Since Todd and Austene had a bathroom plan they knew what window and wall sizes would be required. In order to be true to their spa plan they chose to add a frosted finish to the blocks (this would make the window more private from the outside) and to add cinnamon color to give them a calmer more relaxing feeling that a standard smooth faced unit.

Step 4 – Remove and (and reframe – if required) the window opening – Depending on the size of your current window opening the block prefabricated assembly can either be set into the place where the sash used to be or the entire window frame can be removed (get advice on your particular opening from a block window expert). If you’re reframing it is customary to line the opening with a cement board or waterproof wall board so the glass block panel can be attached well with mortar. For this project Todd and Austene (with the help from their contractor) chose to reframe the opening to fit all 8″ x 8″ block sizes (the blocks come in 4″ x 8″, 6″ x 6″, 6″ x 8″ and 8″ x 8″ which allows the units to be built in any 2″ size variation).

Step 5 – Set the block in and thin set your tile walls up to it – After the block assembly was installed Todd and Austene were able to thin set their tiles and return them back to the window panel. This creates a tight water seal and makes a maintenance free private window in the shower.

Step 5 1/2 – Relax and enjoy the shower space – This is the most important step -the hard work is done and now is the time to enjoy the fruits of the labor!

Making the right choices to make a bathroom and shower more relaxing and functional are not easy. If you’ve got the challenge of a window in your shower consider using a colored and frosted glass block shower window or wall to add style and privacy.…

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Decorative Stained Glass Window Film

Decorative Stained Glass Window Film

Decorative stained glass window film has become very popular in the US and all over the world to add privacy to a home as well as add some artistic element into the blandness of glass. A door or window just serves its purpose and the glass is usually overlooked. But the same glass can be used to make the rooms classier and arty that can blend with the other things like furniture the paint, the furnishing and fabric for upholstery.

It is another dimension to interior home decor that has come about with the unique decorative stained glass window film. What these translucent window films can do is secure the privacy of the home owner and his family without blocking the sunlight into the rooms. Sun can still come in and light up the interiors in a natural way. For new home makers and people with existing homes wanting to do up the interiors at a very low cost, decorative stained glass window films are a great option.

They come at a fraction of the cost required for using stained glass windows. Offering the same feel and lending a great mood to the interior, decorative window films are cheap and even home owners with low budget can afford to deck up their interior. These are available at stores with many motifs to choose form. But usually the best like dare the natural motifs which add to the feeling and mood of nature in the home.

This decorative window film can add to same class and richness that a stain glass door or window promises to bring in to the interior. For both residential and commercial buildings decorative stained glass windows are great for doing up and come much cheaper than original stained glass and you can improvise and blend the artistic angle with the rest of the home decor.…

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How to Prepare Your Car for Window Tinting

How to Prepare Your Car for Window Tinting

There are quite a number of good reasons why you should tint your car:

• It serves a very important purpose of protection against health, safety and security issues and concerns

• It helps prolong the life years of your investment in cars

• It is also one of the measures of a good preventive maintenance

• It greatly enhances the looks of your car

Follow these easy steps to prepare your car for window tinting:

1. Prepare the materials needed.

• Fresh Razor Blade

• Spray Bottle

• Sponge or Squeegee

• Warm soapy water

2. Stick the flap back or take away any flutters and flips that come in contact with the window that extend in your car’s door.

• You may be required to get rid of the door panel.

• Or you may stick the flap back with some tape.

3. Ensure that the window is thoroughly cleaned both outside and inside.

• Be sure to check active content of the cleaning agents you intend to use prior to applying to avoid any unwanted exposure to risks.

• Wash the window with a preparation of soapy warm water or a few drops of gentle cleaning agents – dishwashing or baby soaps may also be used.

• Spray the window glass and scuff the water off using a new razor blade; be very sure to avoid scratching the glass.

4. Get rid of the excess water and fragments from the window glass using a sponge.

• Wash off the sponge after every swipe to avoid transferring debris and fragments from one spot of the window to another spot.

5. Do again steps 3 and 4 if there are still debris and water retained on the window glass.

• You may want to repeat this step as needed to thoroughly have the window glass cleaned.

• Best result can only be achieved if the window glass is totally cleaned.

• Don’t forget to clean the outside part if you intend on working the tinting against the outside of the window glass.

Before working on tinting your car’s glass window, make sure you have made the proper considerations – budget and cost, the proper procedures of tinting to avoid any unwanted results because of lack of knowledge, or you may want to have it done in a car shop.…

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Ways to Improve Your Own Home Security

Ways to Improve Your Own Home Security

Home burglaries unfortunately are a common thing these days. Especially during the summer months of the year when many people are out of town on vacations. You must take necessary measures to protect your family and possessions. Whether your from a small town or a big city it’s important to have some adequate home security in place.

There will be many people who will spend lots of their hard earnings for a great security system. On the other hand, not everyone can afford or even want to spend too much money. If you own your home you don’t have to pay for a high tech alarm. You can safe guard your home by learning a few things that won’t be too costly yet still provide adequate security.

Having the lights on, inside and outside, is one part of protecting your home. Most intruders will not like being around a place where there are many lights. They can be easily seen and reported to the police. Keep extra lighting by each door and window too, where thieves will most likely try to enter. Or you can even invest in timers for the lights that go on and off automatically, it will appear like someone’s in the house.

You can also buy a camera that can be hooked up to your computer to allow you to be able to see the inside and outside of your home. If the cameras are too expensive for you, you can always install fake cameras to help as well. You can also put metal bars on your windows for added security and it’s an option to buy steel doors for each door in the house.

Break glass alarms are wonderful to have and are easy to install on any window. The glass break alarm will sound an alert if the glass is broken. This type of alarm is not costly and is very good for when you want to be able to hear from certain parts of the house, such the basement or even in an area where you may be unable to hear the sound of glass breaking.

If you’re ever planning to go out for a long period of time, it would be a smart idea to alert some of your neighbors as to where you are going and when you’ll return. Or you can even get a good friend or relative you can depend on and let them stay at your house for the length of time that you are gone.

Having some home security today is a must for everyone. To avoid ever having to face the reality of your house being invaded by an intruder, which could result in harm being done to you or your family. Consider using some of the ways mentioned and make some changes and get security in the house to protect your home, you and your family too.…

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Efco Windows Information and Where to Buy Hardware

Efco Windows Information and Where to Buy Hardware

EFCO windows are a set of window products designed by EFCO, a Pella company. These windows can be used in houses, schools or offices. The company is committed to producing energy efficient windows that are environment friendly. To this end, the production process is carefully refined so that excess waste is removed and as much recycled products as possible is incorporated into the production process. This ensures that the windows you use are produced at a cost both you and the earth can afford.

EFCO windows use aluminium against nylon moving contacts so you don’t need to lubricate them. Once installed properly, maintenance is at a minimum. You will only need to do general cleaning like, wiping glass panes and removing dirt and dust from the guide tracks. Window durability is assured.

Delivery of windows straight to your doorstep is done by EFCO trucks. If there is any damage to the products upon arrival, the company will offer a free replacement. We suggest you check the products upon delivery and if you find any aspect unsatisfactory, notify the truck driver immediately. This ensures that we are made aware of the situation as soon as possible and you don’t have to worry about wasting more money to get a replacement product. As a producer of cheap, easy to install and maintain windows, EFCO remains committed to customer service and feedback.

You can visit our website to create a free account. This lets you find information about all EFCO products, obtain estimates for purchase and installation, as well as provides the latest update on new products and deals. In lots of cases finding right part for your window is a hardest task.

Suppose there is only the scratch on your window then instead of installing the replacement windows, it is good to repair at home with glass repair kit. This is very significant to do something once the crack is seen. If the crack isn’t dealt with then it will spread very easily. The window glass repair and window replacement might not be very troublesome like it appears. It is the fast and simple process depending on what has to be done. Unluckily few people try and fix window without prior knowledge. This might possibly cause little more damage to your window. Thus, it is suggested that the people without any knowledge of the window repair will call for professional help.

Efco windows can be double hung or single hung usually supplied with Class 5 window balances such as the Caldwell Ultra Lift or Class 3 block and tackle balances. These are very popular in public schools for efficiency and ease of use.

Who does window repair work on Efco windows, Window Repair Systems does. Finding replacement hardware can also be found at Window Repair Systems with this new partnership.…