New Zealand’s Best Scenic Drives

New Zealand’s Best Scenic Drives

New Zealand’s wide open spaces and unspoilt natural beauty have long made it a favourite among local and international drivers, who can take to tried-and-tested routes to discover the picturesque landscape of the south-west Pacific nation at their own pace.

From uphill climbs to majestic lakes and fabulous flora, driving in New Zealand is the perfect way to explore the attractive country – whatever your starting point. Whether you’re a New Zealand native or taking a hire car from one of the cities on a foreign holiday, you’ll see the country in a new light when heading off the beaten track to discover its most awe-inspiring vistas from the comfort of your vehicle.

Some of New Zealand’s routes, such as the famous Milford Road, have been named among the most scenic in the world, and this journey can be considered a must if you’re driving in the Southern Alps. The area of Milford Sound has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but you won’t be doing any damage by viewing it from the popular tourist trail of State Highway 94. At its peak, Milford Road reaches 940 metres above sea level, commanding breathtaking views of rainforests, waterfalls and sheer mountains that reach thousands of feet into the air.

For a route that offers plenty of opportunities for stop-offs, head to the Blue and Green Lakes of Rotorua. As well as taking in the splendour of the lakes themselves, you can see sights such as the Buried Village before stopping off for a picnic with the family. If you haven’t brought your own food, you’ll also find no shortage of caf?�s on the route, such as the Landing Cafe at Lake Tarawera.

As spectacular as the natural scenery may be, driving in New Zealand is also an ideal chance to visit upmarket areas such as Mission Bay, cruising past majestic stately homes for a taste of luxury – best accomplished if you own or hire a classic car, which will help you fit right in. You can also indulge in some traditional tourist shopping when taking your car to Mellow Martinborough, only a short distance from Wellington.

Because of the steep terrain and changeable weather conditions, driving across New Zealand requires caution and a vehicle that’s kept in good condition. Make sure you sort out car windscreen repair and any other services your vehicle needs before venturing out to discover the scenic wilderness.…

Window Treatments Tips For Your Home Decor

Window Treatments Tips For Your Home Decor

When you are about to buy a new home, you might not even realize how many things you need to take care of, including using the right window treatments for the proper home decor. After all you want your home to really look modern, elegant and homey at the same time.

Of course you don’t actually have to be getting a new home to need to have new window treatments. You might simply be remodeling or just thinking of sprucing up a bit the decorative aspect of your home by adding new curtains, some new carpets on the floors and maybe painting the walls in a more pleasing color. There are also cases when simply changing your window treatments can do wonders in terms of enhancing the ambient of your room. The trick is simply knowing what to buy in order to make the best of your money, time and efforts.

The type of treatments for your windows you buy will depend on the type of room interior you have, including the furniture style, coloring in the room and fabric types that you already have available. You can easily transform you room into another style by adding a new type of curtains that will either lighten up or sober up the room. Of course you might simply want to add an extra layer of shade to your rooms to minimize the amount of sun glare that reaches your home interior. Or you might just want to add that extra privacy to the home from any peeping Toms lurking outdoors just to catch a glimpse of your room – or you.

When you’re out there buying your new treatments for your windows, you might be overwhelmed right there by the sheer amount of choices that are available to you just now. The last few years have seen an increase in the types of curtains that manufacturers have given us to choose from. Curtains, blinds including Roman or Venetian blinds, shades, drapes and draperies, valances and awnings, all these can be successfully used in enhancing the ambient and aesthetics of your room.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, material and fabric types as well as with sizes, as each window treatment will be able to give your room a completely different look. You can even change them based on the current season for an extra decor element. But make sure to always stay within your allocated budget, as it’s so easy to forget about money and buy everything in sight that catches your attention!…

The Light of Christmas

The Light of Christmas

Christmas is the season of light. We celebrate Christ’s birth so many years ago in a stable where the star of Bethlehem shined brightly over where He lay. A flame at night, the moon, and stars would have been there only light on a dark evening. Today we carry the light of Christ by burning candles at Church and in our homes during the Christmas season. We also decorate our homes with lights and illuminate beautiful Christmas trees. The Advent wreath which holds four candles is also traditional symbol in many homes during the season of Christmas.


The tradition of placing Christmas candles in windows dates back to the very beginning of Christianity. A candle was lit on Christmas Eve to symbolize Christ and His coming. It burned throughout the night in memory of the nativity- lighting the way for Mary and Joseph when they could find no shelter. This candle lighting custom still continues in many European countries today. In the United States, beginning in the 1930’s, Colonial Williamsburg historic area began using candles in the windows of it’s buildings during the Christmas season. It has been a part of the area’s Christmas celebration ever since. The use of real flame candles was a fire concern for private home owners until the 20th century when the electric candle used in a window took hold and is used in this country today.


The Christmas Tree originated in Germany in the 16th century. The German people decorated their trees with roses, apples, and colored paper. It is believed that Martin Luther a German preacher was the first to light a Christmas tree with candles. A story is told that while walking through the forest one night he was amazed by how vibrant the stars were shining through the fir trees. He arrived to his home and placed a tree indoors with glowing candles attached to it. The Christmas tree was brought to America by the Pennsylvania Germans in the 1820’s.


The word Advent means coming or arrival. During the Advent season Christians work to prepare themselves for Christ coming. Advent symbolizes the spiritual journey of individuals, they affirm that Christ has come, that He is present today, and that he will come again. Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and ends on Christmas Eve.

The Advent wreath is a symbol of the season. It is a circular wreath with 4 candles, three purple and one pink. One candle is lit each week. The light reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world and comes into the darkness of our life to bring hope. It also reminds us that we are called to be a light to others in the world. The wreath is a symbol during the Christmas season for those in the Church as well as in believers homes.

During this Christmas season may we all see the light of Christ in …

Fabric Vertical Blinds – One of the Most Reliable Window Treatments

Fabric Vertical Blinds – One of the Most Reliable Window Treatments

On the quest for the perfect blinds for your home, you will soon find that there are lots of options out there. Blinds are made from various materials such as vinyl, aluminum, or wood. Each kind of blind will give a totally different look to your room. Aluminum blinds come in 6 and 8 gauge aluminum, so you may pick a size according to your need. The most popular type of blind is vinyl because it is by far the cheapest and is able to create the same results as any other type of blind. Wood creates a homey and elegant overall look. But one type of blind is worth looking into – fabric vertical blinds. This kind of window treatment can help personalize the effect that you want to create in any room.

Going for fabric vertical blinds has a number of advantages and remains one of the most reliable window treatments that you can add to your rooms. The material fabric can give a warm feel and look, and it comes in various colors and designs so you can choose whatever suits your needs and taste. You will also like the fact that this type of blind is relatively simple to install. You can choose the type that can be inserted into a plastic groover, or the other kind that has free hanging fabric strips. If you choose the latter, you will enjoy its quietness since you won’t hear them hitting the window once you lower or lift them. The plastic groover kind also has its own advantage – it prolongs the life of your blinds since it protects and supports the fabric really well.

Fabric vertical blinds are best suited in the living room, the bedroom, or in a nursery. Using fabric blinds in places where humidity can be very high is not advisable, such as in the bathroom or kitchen. This will cause the blinds to absorb odors and moisture will cause the colors of your blinds to fade faster. To produce a welcoming and calming effect, you may want to go for soft, warm colors for your bedroom such as beige, yellow, lavender, light blue, green, and pink. If you want to install fabric blinds in the nursery it’s best to go for pastel colors. This will help your baby feel at ease and relaxed. Remember that colors are highly associated with mood so it’s always wise to go with something that is warm and soft if you’re not sure about the room’s theme.

Fabric vertical blinds are available in a wide array of choices so you can match any color to your room. As soon as you’re ready to buy, you may browse online for a huge selection of products. A lot of sites give fabric swatch samples that can be sent to your home so that you can determine if it suits your wallpaper or paint. You can choose a style that …

4 Key Approaches to Bottled Water Dispenser

4 Key Approaches to Bottled Water Dispenser

Thank the rich and wealthy who invented the idea which floods our mainstream markets today with bottled water dispensers. What the higher class knew about water back then, which still holds true now that might even scare us, is that big bucks were paid to gather real spring water from mountains into canisters, in order to evade microbes, heavy contaminants and as a result prevent disease and death.

Today’s bottled water dilemma

A� Long term health crisis: As with many so-called natural/pretreated bottled water companies out there, which brand and type can we really trust to deliver our bottled water dispenser system in an above sanitary experience? And which is the best treatment to produce the healthiest quality drinking water?

What’s worse than knowledge is false security of “safe water” just because it comes bottled:

The real irony: Most so-called spring bottled water, are actually not derived from real springs, but regular, chlorinated tap water, heated and filtered to fool our taste buds as tasting a little bit better.

A� Lab test results: Have proven in exploiting this fraud, that drinking most bottled water in the long run, might in fact, be worst off for you then dipping your whole mouth right beneath the sink tap.

The reason is found when after testing the bottled water’s acidic PH level (pre-manufactured/post-manufactured stage) was comparable to that of low grade tap water, plus it contained traces of heavy metals and lead absorbed from the material of the plastic bottle itself – Pretty scary stuff!

Top 4 water purification methods

1. Distillation: The healthiest process separating everything, all microbes, contaminants and chemicals by steaming the water pure out the other end compartment. But even vital minerals.

2. Reverse Osmosis: The most sought-after, yet questionable in eliminating chemicals, in that it works like a fine sift, with semi-permeable membranes big enough for H20 molecules, yet too small for everything else, except chemicals such as chlorine, that is.

3. Ionization: Electrolyses the water into 2 separate compartments – 1 for drinkable alkaline water production, the 2nd for superficial-use, acidic water production. But doesn’t rid chemicals.

4. Softening: The most popular one, yet least affective in filtering microbes and chemicals, as this works by swapping hard for soft minerals. This is recommended supplementing with the above.

Top 4 bottled water dispenser types

1. Plastic – top bottled water dispensers: The most widespread and popular one, since it is affordable and conventionally loaded from the top, as opposed to its friendly nemesis the bottom bottled water dispenser, which uses tubes to draw the liquid up and requires less lifting.

2. Countertop dispensers: Blends in nicely with the kitchen, with portable small footprint, making it more affordable and ideal reach for those ankle-bitters tugging us for some more.

3. Water bottle-less dispensers: Because this simply draws water from the main water supply, there is no refill requirement, but for its inner filter. A good supplement to the methods above.

4. Metal, …

Using Pinch Pleated Draperies As Your Window Covering

Using Pinch Pleated Draperies As Your Window Covering

Pinch pleated draperies are the most common type of curtains that you can buy. They have the adaptability no other curtain has, and can be both classic and trendy, and fit in with both.

You will recognize these by the outwards pleat at the top and the hooks that are placed on the pleat to be attached to a rod. These also open with one motion, much like a stage curtain, and are the most popular type of curtain in the world. They also make these in the widest array of colors and materials.

Thermal drapes are very well-liked, since these can help make your energy bill lower. They keep the windowpane from allowing the heated or cooled air to escape. These are also very effective at helping to keep a room dim, which is why many hotels use these in their rooms.

If you like to have a lot of light with ample privacy, then sheer drapes may be better for you. Mostly, sheers are used behind a heavier drape, and this can give you the brightness, and allow for you to be able to control the temperature in the room as well as protect the more expensive curtains that face the room from fading by the sun.

You may find that you want a color that is no longer fashionable, or made from material that is a little more exotic then what you can find available. If this happens, make your own. A search on the web will give you many tutorials to make professional quality drapes.

Pinch pleated draperies will match with any decorating style from an ultra modern living room to a fairy tale bedroom, and everything in between. They can let you sleep better, save you money and give your rooms an expensive feel to them by having them hanging at your windows.

Be Done With Pests With These Pest Control Tips

Pest invasion is one of the most common nuisances homeowners have to deal with at some point. Animals are nice, but most of them belong out in nature! Taking a home back from a pest or two can be as easy as just reading this article. Keep on reading if you wish to learn some useful techniques to get the pests out.

Use steel wool to plug in openings where rodents can use to enter your house. Any opening bigger than a half inch should be plugged. These rodents can come through extremely small openings.

Vacuuming the pests inside your home can reduce pests. This will help get rid of the pests in your rugs and carpets. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag when done.

Use sticky traps to control brown recluse spiders. These poisonous spiders hide in deep cracks. They usually look for something to eat. You will be more likely to get them with traps strategically placed behind furnishings and along the walls.

Use a spray for the perimeter of your home. Spray the foundation, porches, porch and any areas that are near windows and doors. Look for cracks that pests could enter your home. Seal these areas with caulk or other material.

Humans can verify that only check about a portion of your home’s surface area for termite free. Trained termite sniffing dogs can actually check out your entire home. The reason that dogs can do this is because they can smell methane gas is the actual byproduct of the termites eating your wood.

Bedbugs do not have to eat for a whole year. This is the reason it is important to close off all holes in your home’s walls and walls. They will not be able to get into these spots.

This article discussed some excellent points of advice to use in curing your home of unwanted pests. Poison isn’t always necessary, neither is an exterminator. Use the information from the article above to help control your pest problems.

Home Decor – Using Stripes For Home Decoration

Home Decor – Using Stripes For Home Decoration

Stripes in home decor are extremely popular with people who have a bold outlook towards life. This does not mean it is only meant for them, though. Whatever be your outlook, a dash of stripes in your living room can add that exotic touch you have been looking for.

When it comes to using stripes, however, there are some ground rules you must understand before you step into this uncharted territory.

Why Stripes, and Where?

Stripes in your home decoration plans are all about making a style statement. And remember, too many stripes are not formal.

Your living room presents plenty of options for adding stripes. You could use stripes on your walls, on your upholstery, on your window drapes, on the floor rugs, and even in the numerous decoration pieces that adorn any normal living room.

What Kind of Stripes For Decor?

Then there are a large variety of stripes you can choose from as well. One way to classify the stripes are the direction. There are the vertical ones, and there are the horizontal ones. You can even use slanting lines in your stripes.

The next option is size – there are thin and thick stripes. In case of smaller rooms thick stripes look better as they add to the volume of the room, and vice versa. Thin vertical stripes tend to make the roof look higher than it actually is.

Then there are the options in colors. You could use bold or light colors. Contrast colors do well in certain places, but for first timers it is best to stick to the same color family as the stripes themselves are less glaring. Thus you can have a combination of dark brown, light brown, orange and shades of yellow, just to quote an example. In case of contrasts, blue and white stripes are amongst the most popular.

Keep it Light

If you are using stripes for the first time, it is best to keep it light, as in going in for only an item or two for the changeover. Do not fill the whole room with stripes at one go.

Change the upholstery, or the window drapes, or the walls into a striped pattern one at a time. If you like what you see and continue to like it after a while as well, you got a winner on your hands. Now you can go for the next step and add other pieces to your overall striped home decoration design.

Vary Your Options

When looking for a pattern, try to mix and match. Too many stripes may actually become overbearing, so go for a combination of plain and striped decoration. For instance you could have plain upholstery against striped walls.

Window drapes are a great way to create stripes without investing an extra penny. You could create stripes with plain window drapes by using a combination of contrasting plain drapes. Thus a beige colored window drape sandwiched between two dark …