Roman Window Blinds – Simply Elegant

Roman Window Blinds – Simply Elegant

Roman Window blinds are a perfect fit for a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. The bottom hem even falls in a single relaxed swag; if it is a wider shade, it will have more curves to it. It consists of a piece of pleated fabric that is mounted at the top of a window. When the shade’s string is pulled, the fabric folds up in regular intervals.

Roman shades, as they are known, are a very good way to add elegance to all of your windows, regardless of the particular room in your home. Installation is not difficult and they are simple to open and close. They are unique in that they combine a modern and traditional look through their utter simplicity. Different thicknesses are available: very sheer to completely opaque.

The colors and fabrications available give you the versatility to coordinate your blind to any wall treatments or trim in the room. You have the option of a flat fold type or a sculpted design, depending on your decorating needs.

The current styles and fads in window treatments come and go, but these types of shades seem to always be in vogue. You hang them either inside or outside the frame of your window, and you achieve a fitted, streamlined look. This is what gives them the versatility to fit with any décor. Plain window blinds can be quite institutional, but these have a texture and interest that adds a warm, relaxing feel to each of your rooms, regardless of the decorating choice.

If you want to update a room quickly and cheaply, new window treatments are the best plan. Roman window blinds are a great way to do this because there are so many options:

· Sheer, elegant chiffons

· Heavy Velvet

· Bamboo

· Wood

· Suede

· Canvas

· More…..

Traditional Roman shades have folds or large pleats that overlap when you lower the shade. But, there are variations on this style. Flat blinds do not have any folds when lowered. Both of these types can vary quite a lot depending on the fabric of choice. These are pragmatic window treatments, being simple and useful, yet so very elegant as an accent. You can filter bright sunlight or nosy neighbors! The versatility of these window treatments also allows you to create a uniformed look for all windows, giving a streamlined curb appeal to your house.…