5 BIG Reasons to Get a Home Water Dispenser System With a Filter

5 BIG Reasons to Get a Home Water Dispenser System With a Filter

Still up in the air as to whether or not you should get a home water dispenser with a filter? This article will give you 5 BIG reasons to get a home water dispenser with a filter on it. After all, we want to stay as healthy as possible, right?

REASON #1. Tap water contamination is real and it is more widespread than you may think.

Many people like to stay in denial and continue to think that the water coming out of our faucets are completely safe to drink. But what these people do not realize is that there are MULTIPLE contaminants in most of the water we drink.

We constructed our home and water systems with pipes, fixtures, and soldering joints made with lead. We use over 80,000 toxic synthetic chemicals in our society today, whether they are used in cleaning supplies, on farms, or to make many of the products we use today. We even add a known chemical to our water treatment plants in order to kill off bacteria! Sure it’s much needed, but that doesn’t mean that we should be drinking the chlorine they add to the water supply!

REASON #2. Getting a home water dispenser with a filter is actually cheaper and healthier than buying bottled water.

It’s assumed by many that bottled water is safer than tap water, and in some cases they are right. However, there is a severe lack of regulation in the bottled water industry today. Over half of all bottled water is not even required to be tested or meet certain standards simply because they are produced and sold within state lines. A large majority of bottled water is simple repackages tap water, and 95% of the costs of bottled water pay for the bottle, label, cap, and transportation alone!

With a home water dispenser, you can fill your own bottled with water that you know is safe and pure. The best part is you can get a whole gallon of it whenever you want for just pennies!

REASON #3. Home water dispensers without filters do not guarantee safe and pure drinking water.

Companies like Poland Springs sell home water dispensers, but the water they supply you is just the same as what they sell in the bottle. There’s no way of assuring that it’s safe and pure! Get a home water dispenser with a filter build into it, attach it to your tap water system, and get clean and healthy water for much cheaper.

REASON #4. You can’t beat the convenience of having a home water dispenser with a filter on it.

When you resort to buying bottled water for your family, you can eventually run out. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a home water dispenser in your home to get pure and healthy water whenever you want?

REASON #5. Protect your health and the health of your whole family.

Everything that happens within our bodies happens with water. Our bodies are build to run on water and the natural minerals that are in it. You get the most benefits for water when you consume water that’s pure and healthy. Don’t let your family consume chlorine, lead, and synthetic chemicals on a regular basis. A quality home water dispenser with a filter can help protect your family’s health not only in the short-term, but the long-run as well.