How to Add Privacy With a Colored and Frosted Glass Block Shower Window and Wall

How to Add Privacy With a Colored and Frosted Glass Block Shower Window and Wall

Todd and Austene had a problem – a nasty looking cramped old 50’s style bathroom without enough light they could both barely fit into. They wanted to get a bathroom and shower space that would feel like a spa – but it wasn’t about to happen in this small space. Here’s how they converted their tight bathroom space into a private spa type retreat with they style and privacy they desired.

Step 1 – Have a plan to make it cool – A well planned and executed bathroom remodeling project does not begin with a hammer, it begins with a plan. Since Todd and Austene wanted a larger more relaxing space they knew they would not only need to gain more room for the shower/bath – but they would also need to add in fun elements to make the space functional and relaxing. They looked at the adjoining rooms around the current bathroom and decided to take space from the spare bedroom. To make the shower relaxing and functional they decided to get rid of the bathtub and add a shower with a corner bench seat and slate and glass tile walls. To make the space more useable and enjoyable (and deal with the challenge and benefit of a window in the shower) they added a colored and frosted glass block shower window and wall and also heated floors.

Step 2 – Knock down that wall – Sometimes you’ve got to borrow space from an adjoining room (spare room, closet, or an oversized master bedroom) to make your bathroom dreams become a reality. Todd and Austene along with contractor Matt Muenster blew down the wall to an adjoining spare bedroom.

Step 3 – Order your prefabricated glass block window and wall sections – Since Todd and Austene had a bathroom plan they knew what window and wall sizes would be required. In order to be true to their spa plan they chose to add a frosted finish to the blocks (this would make the window more private from the outside) and to add cinnamon color to give them a calmer more relaxing feeling that a standard smooth faced unit.

Step 4 – Remove and (and reframe – if required) the window opening – Depending on the size of your current window opening the block prefabricated assembly can either be set into the place where the sash used to be or the entire window frame can be removed (get advice on your particular opening from a block window expert). If you’re reframing it is customary to line the opening with a cement board or waterproof wall board so the glass block panel can be attached well with mortar. For this project Todd and Austene (with the help from their contractor) chose to reframe the opening to fit all 8″ x 8″ block sizes (the blocks come in 4″ x 8″, 6″ x 6″, 6″ x 8″ and 8″ x 8″ which allows the units to be built in any 2″ size variation).

Step 5 – Set the block in and thin set your tile walls up to it – After the block assembly was installed Todd and Austene were able to thin set their tiles and return them back to the window panel. This creates a tight water seal and makes a maintenance free private window in the shower.

Step 5 1/2 – Relax and enjoy the shower space – This is the most important step -the hard work is done and now is the time to enjoy the fruits of the labor!

Making the right choices to make a bathroom and shower more relaxing and functional are not easy. If you’ve got the challenge of a window in your shower consider using a colored and frosted glass block shower window or wall to add style and privacy.