How-To Design Window Signs For Your Salon

How-To Design Window Signs For Your Salon

Well-established salons don’t have to worry about advertising, as word-of-mouth and referrals bring in plenty of business. New salons, or salons that are looking to expand, however, should take advantage of advertising to generate new business. Traditional advertising mediums like TV and radio can be very-expensive. One affordable option that works quite well, though, is window signs, if they are well-designed. Here are some great tips to help you design the perfect salon window sign:

Sign Material and Size

Ordering a size that’s too small to read or too big to fit on your window is a costly mistake. Thus, when you’re looking to purchase window signs, the first thing you need to do is measure your salon’s windows. Measure each window-don’t just assume they’re all the same. If you’d like to cover the windows completely, choose a material like one-way vision (which is perforated) so you don’t lose visibility from inside the salon. Vinyl decals and window clings are a better material for smaller window graphics, however, as they are less expensive and can be cut to different shapes.

Sign Content

When writing the message of your salon signs, think about what makes your specific business unique. The purpose of salon signs is to reach new clients, so you should say something interesting and exciting. Of course you need to identify the name of the salon, your contact information, and your business hours, but beyond just that to make your salon stand out. Do you have a highly-qualified team of stylists? Feature their certifications on vinyl decals so your customers know they’re getting the VIP treatment. Do you have a great promotion to offer? List it on a window cling, which can easily be removed when the promotion is over (and reused next year if it’s reoccurring).

Sign Visuals

The visual aspects of your signage are extremely-important as well. A great message needs great visuals to connect with the reader. Your signs should use a color scheme that is consistent with the look and feel of your salon, and keep in mind that contrasting colors are the easiest-to-read. Choose your fonts carefully-they should be beautiful and elegant, but simple enough that they can be seen from a distance. Finally, use images of your products and best makeovers to help “sell” your salon. They can be incorporated into the entire design, or used as separate vinyl stickers-whichever you’d prefer.

Don’t pass up a great opportunity to brand your business and reach new customers. Start designing window signs for your salon, and get them installed as soon as possible. You’ll see new clients in no time!