Installing A New Hot Water Heater

After you have owned a home for a number of years, you may find that little by little, the appliances that are in it begin to fail. These appliances will need to be replaced as soon as possible in order to keep your home running properly. Appliances such as a refrigerator or stove can easily be replaced by purchasing a new one at an appliance store and having it delivered and put in place. However, other appliances, such as a hot water heater will require a bit more. Not only do you need to purchase it and have it delivered, you will need to have it installed by a professional plumber. Unless you have plumbing experience, you will not be able to do this work yourself.

Ordering A New Hot Water Heater

There are several ways for you to obtain a new hot water heater. The easiest way for you to do this is to contact a plumbing company and have them order and install it for you. If you choose to go this route, you should get in touch with a few companies in order to get a good price. Each company will recommend the type and size water heater you need and give you the price for it along with the labor costs for the installation. Most companies will provide this estimate at no cost to you. If you choose to get a hot water heater on your own, you can go to any big box store and make your purchase. However, you will still need to contact a plumber to have it installed unless the store you purchase it from has a contractor that they work with. For most people, contacting a plumber and having them do all of the work is usually the easiest way to go.

Having A New Unit Installed

Once you have signed a contract with the plumbing company you choose to install your water heater, they will begin the work as designated. It will typically take less than one day to complete the job and you can have hot water again within a short period of time. If the water heater you choose is the same size as the one you are replacing there will be minimal extra costs involved. Choosing a unit that is either larger or smaller than your old one may involve more work and therefore, more money. To find a contractor that can install this, look in your local phone book for any water heater installation glen ellyn il for a list of plumbing companies.

All hot water heaters will come with a warranty from the manufacturer and a new unit should last for quite a number of years. The plumbing company that does the installation should also provide you with a guarantee in case of any problems with the installation. If you find that after a while you are having a problem with your new unit, contact your contractor immediately to see if it is due to the installation or the unit itself.