Is a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner a Solid Investment?

Is a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner a Solid Investment?

A wall mounted air conditioner is used to cool a room down; in some cases depending on the size it may cool down many rooms. These are a great option when a window is not available to mount a window unit it.

They are also a perfect solution for commercial applications where a room is enclosed for a host of reasons. These types of units are the perfect solution for a host of applications. They come in many different sizes and can cool things down quickly and efficiently.

Where They Are Used

Many times you will see a wall mounted air conditioner in hotels, motels and inns. They are favored in this capacity because they give each guest the ability to regulate the temperature in their own rooms; this is a great feature that is much appreciated by the guests.

There are really large units that are mounted in commercial settings, or in office settings. They are used in rooms where high tech equipment is stored like servers and other necessary communication equipment.

The wall mounted air conditioner is set at a low enough temperature to keep the equipment from over heating. They are used in factories for the same purpose. Of course these are fairly large units that are meant to function in a specific area to keep things pretty cool.

In the home they are used to cool down specific zones or to keep a room cool that does not have the capacity for a window air conditioner. They are more powerful than a window unit many times and are preferred because they do not block the window and do not pose the risk of falling out of the window.

They are usually rather inconspicuous in the home. They are mounted near the ceiling where the most good is done cooling the air.


Obviously purchasing large units for commercial applications is a bit different than purchasing one for the home. You can purchase a wall mounted air conditioner for the home from many different sources. Most home improvement stores will carry them as seasonal items. You can also easily purchase one of these great units directly from the manufacturer in most cases online. There are many manufacturers that will sell directly to the public via their websites.

Many times theses websites will offer tech support for installation, how to videos and even an eight hundred number so you can talk to someone about installing your window mounted air conditioner.