Painting Your Wood Sash Windows

Painting Your Wood Sash Windows

Wood sash windows can be a real graceful addition to your homes, especially if you have had all of your furniture and drapes revamped to accommodate the same. Polishing and painting the wood window frames can also be a great way to kick start the interior decor overhaul you always coveted at your home.

However, painting your wood sash window frames is not as easy as you would have thought it would be. In fact, there are so many intricate details about going about the same that an amateur may well damage the whole frame rather than embellishing it. So you need to keep some points in mind while trying to paint your timber window frames as well as doors that need a color or polish rehash!

Here are some of those tips that will help you keep the paint from smearing out the awesomeness of your window frames –

Clean the Palette First: Have your palette, i.e. the window frame, cleaned of any debris or protruding edges or potholes first. Even though these will not obstruct a smooth painting job from a professional, having them cleaned and rough edges smoothened out makes for a much better finish than expected. And the paint job makes your wood sash window look brand new – just as you would have wanted.

Match the Set : The ambiance of the room as well as the furniture and drapes all have an important part to play in the paint job. This is because unless you have the colors matched with the surroundings, you will never have a regal wood window in your home ever!

Sober Colors Work Better : Again, make sure that the paint colors are sober and not too tangy for your taste. For instance, in a room that has black and brown furniture and heavy drapery, using colors like fluorescent orange or bright yellow might provide a jarring impact on the eye. And contemporary fashion or not, a wood window paint needs to be in good taste.

Painters’ Tape: Use painter’s tape or pencil markers to demarcate paint areas. Remember not to use them too hard or in opulent strokes. For once the paint is done, these might be harder to etch off the windows – and you might have to do it all over once again as a consequence.

However, apart from all of these tips, what you really need to keep in mind is the fact that you need to employ professional wood sash window painters to complete the job of adding clinical colors to your interior decor. For amateur or novice attempts at painting, especially timber windows and doors can completely kill the purpose, even if for the minutest of errors.

Now choosing a professional firm that provide maintenance and paint jobs on bespoke or ready-to-install wooden windows is a different story altogether. To cut a long story short, you need to invest time in research and client verification before you finally hire someone to work on these wood frames.

For who wouldn’t want a great paint job at the best of budget rates?