The Effective Way to Choose a Good Plumbing Service

The search for a good plumber is a minefield of options. Many enter looking for good quality only to be taken in by charlatans. The problem is that anybody can create a colorful webpage and drum up a few references. So how can a consumer separate the wheat from the chaff? By being smart. Savvy consumers can look for both good and bad signs when vetting plumbing services. This will allow for good service from dependable sources and may even save some money as well.


Word of mouth remains the best avenue towards finding dependable service. So the first thing to do is use recommendations to narrow your plumbing search. The best recommendations come from people close to you. Friends and family are great sources. If any have had plumbing service recently they can either recommend or warn you. The internet is another great place for source material. Good plumbers will get raving reviews and recommendations on social media, their website, and other various forums. Bad plumbers will get ranting. Lots of ranting from very ticked of human beings. If looking at recommendations on a plumber’s site always verify that they are real.


Legitimate plumbing services will have all the necessary paperwork to operate in your area. Having credentials up to date protects both them and you. Such paperwork includes their license and insurance. Proper plumbers will have a functional license to operate and will carry full insurance. Both protect you from liability and messy litigation should the contractor get injured or the job go awry. Check up on the requirements for your specific region. If looking for a plumber largo fl, check the requirements and ensure the plumber is current.

Check Experience

Most often the reputable companies stay in business while all other fall by the wayside. Although this is not necessarily true longevity is a good sign to look for. Plumbers who have been around awhile did not stay functional by accident, they do something right that keeps them in business. For most that is being dependable, doing good work, providing quality repairs, and enacting good customer service. So, when vetting a plumber ask how long they have been in business.

Compare Bids

Getting a bid is a solid next step in vetting a plumber. But do not just get one, find at least three companies and compare. Getting a bid is good because it can reveal bad apples. A bad plumber will not even look at your problem, they will offer you a bid right there. Quality plumbers will take the time to look and actually see what is wrong, and then quote you the cost of repair. Also, getting bids reveal if a plumbing service is overcharging. They also reveal if a plumbing service offers extra service that fits into higher price. This is because the quotes should all relatively be around the same price. Good plumbers also have warranties that guarantee good work. These warranties will provide free service if parts break down within a certain period.