The Importance of Being Earnest With Your Window Displays

The Importance of Being Earnest With Your Window Displays

Designing good window displays is not a new concept. In fact using a shop window to display goods to entice customers in is a method that has been used since trading began. The clever Victorians used their shop windows to display what products they had to sell that their competitors didn’t, it was also used as a way of communication to potential customers. Not all customers could read, so by displaying the products in the window ensured there would be no confusion. If you could see sausages then you would know it was the butcher and not the baker! Window displays also offered an insight into the quality of the business/products. A clean, inviting window display, full of products, would receive more customers than that of a dirty, dark and bare looking display.

This is still true for today’s customers. Window displays are often the first point of contact that your potential customers will have with your business. The saying ‘A picture says a thousand words’ is never truer when used to describe a window display. Your display needs to talk to potential clients, it needs to tell them what your business/shop does, what variety can be expected, prices, deals or promotions and what sort of service can be expected from you.

Think like a Victorian, there is no point in having sausages displayed in your window if you are an Estate Agent. Although this may sound obvious, it is important to pin point exactly what you do and display it through your window display. If you don’t you will be wasting your time with customers that come into your shop who don’t need what you are offering and more importantly will be wasting the customer’s time. Customers who are misinformed will be unhappy and may result in spreading bad publicity.

Once you have established what needs to be in your display it is important to dress it correctly. Ill fitting, broken, dirty and dark displays will not entice your potential customers. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, if you were faced with the choice of entering a business/shop that looked inviting, as opposed to one that was dirty and dark, you would choose the first option. This is because we associate things that look good with things that are good. For example, a clean, tidy and organized shop window displays reflect that the business/shop is also like this, which will result in more customers entering the premises. It is then up to your employees to reassure the potential customer that this is the case, by offering excellent customer service and supplying them with what they need and came in for.

Displaying any deals or offers that your business/shop may be running is an excellent idea. Not only will this set you apart from your competitors it will encourage potential customers to make the most of what you are offering and drive them inside to discuss it further with your sales team.

It is important to remember that your window displays will help to generate sales if they are constructed in the right manner. Getting potential customers through your door is half the battle. Once you have managed this by seducing them with your window display it is up to your sales team to use their skills to finalize the deal.

There are hundreds of window display suppliers that offer complete refurbishments to small display units. It is possible to create a stunning window display with any budget. It is important to plan exactly what needs to be displayed in your window and design around this. Window displays need not cost a fortune. The initial cost should be budgeted and maintenance costs should be thought about. For example, if you want to have lighting which is to be left on for 24 hours talk to your supplier about using LEDs. They are bright and won’t cost your bank balance or the Earth to run.