Why Your Toilet is Backing Up

Homeowners report nasty cases of toilet water backing up when they flush the toilet. They are left wondering why water backs up into the shower drain. This is caused by a sewer line clog. Your toilet is attempting to transport waste water from your house to the main sewer. The process is cut short by a clog in the sewer line preventing waste from exiting the house. When this happens, the raw waste backs up in the shower drain. This is disgusting and unappealing to look at. It is scary to think that toilet backup can happen to anyone. Find a toilet backup Groveland FL plumbing service to clear toilet backup.

Toilet backup is caused by various factors, such as clogging, tree roots, or broken sewer lines. Similar to the drainage pipes, the main sewer can become clogged, and cause toilet backup. Many people do not think to check sewer pipes when there is a backup. If only the toilet is backing up, it could be a clog that is causing the problem. However, if every flush leads to sewage backup, there could be a blockage in the main sewer. It is important to determine the main cause so that you address it properly.

Prevent sewer clogs through proper use and regular maintenance. Keep it clear of any clog by not throwing waste into the toilet and flushing it down. Some people have turned the toilet into a dustbin where they throw every waste they want. This habit creates clogs and unnecessary expenses. Avoid flushing diapers, napkins, and facial wipes in the toilet. Use garbage disposal bins properly. Do not dump big things in the bin that can be lodged. Some people have the habit of pouring grease in the drain to clean it. Grease can create clog and become difficult to get rid of when cleaning.

Another cause of toilet backup is tree roots. Roots can clog your sewer hence the reason to ensure they do not get close to your sewer. When tree roots get into the sewer, they grow and cause holes in the sewer. They can also block the sewer lines. Another cause of toilet backup is a broken sewer line. Sewer lines that have not been replaced are bound to break at some point. Many people use plastic sewer lines nowadays to avoid the problem. However, old homes were built with clay pipes which break down easily. To avoid this problem, know the type of sewer you have and when to replace it.

Call a plumber when you have a toilet backup. Do not opt for quick solutions at home because they can be costly in the end. Using cheap products to treat a clog can damage the sewer and cost more money to repair. Instead, call a professional plumber to look at the sewer and weigh your options. Having a professional is good because it helps to diagnose the problem of the sewer once and for all. A toilet backup can be embarrassing, especially if you have guests. It makes you uncomfortable in your own home.