Wood Sash Window Advantages

Wood Sash Window Advantages

Wood sash windows have again been catapulted into the interior designers’ limelight of attention, and have been getting rave reviews ever since. Now the fact remains that the homeowners with wooden window frames are much better off than those with the contemporary PVC or plastic windows installed. While the former send out a much more regal ambiance and countenance, plastic windows seem to be flimsy and not worth to be used as a focal point for great interior decor.

However, there are more advantages associated with timber doors and windows than you can imagine. Let’s explore the same.

Look Better: Wooden window frames certainly complement great interior decor much better than their PVC or plastic counterparts. Moreover, they can be used to help garner attention towards the antique furniture sets or drapery in the rooms, which PVC frames can hardly match. And as experts would agree, a polished timber frame is a glorious sight, by far completely unmatched.

Thermally Superior: If you were in a region that had as much snowfall as the Antarctic (that’s only a hyper-inflated comparison though!), thermally superior frames should be an automatic choice. This is exactly where wood sash windows pip their plastic counterparts – as well as other contemporary metal frames that may have come up of late. Add to this some sturdy blinds, and you will not need an air conditioner to temper the ambiance in your rooms, quite literally!

Worth the Money: Yes, they are more expensive than the modern frames. But they are well worth the money that is pumped into their installation, maintenance and styling. In fact, it is often said that homes without a wood sash window is often like the King’s Palace without the famed dining halls – i.e. the aristocratic air in the interior decor is completely amiss.

Timeless in the Fashion Quotient: For what you know, PVC or plastic frames may soon run out of fashion and may be replaced by some metallic alloy in the near future. However, wood sash windows are seemingly timeless in their fashion quotient, with them staying imperial in countenance over the centuries. And the fact that they are as sturdy as any other metal frame, only strengthens their bid for a place in your homes!

However, before installing such timber frames in your home or office space, make sure that you know the exact reasons you are doing the same for. Energy efficiency, better interior decor etc can be all be a reason to install wooden framed panes.

And whatever you do, never try and compromise on the quality of such sliding wood windows to be installed in exchange for the budget price. For, unless you are completely sure of the quality that such a dealer can provide, you will inevitably be handed material that is inferior but cheap.

The best option today is to have these wood window frames installed with the help of professionals, who would be the best judge of the material as well as the purpose to do the same on your behalf.