What Defines Contemporary or Modern Furniture 

Functional with sleek lines reminiscent of the late 1950s and early to mid-1960s with a modern twist of all-natural, organic materials that incorporate creative design and details. Contemporary and modern in most regards, are the same. Defining contemporary as a break from traditional furniture design with clean lines, presenting modern twists utilizing wood with metal or leather with fur accents. Modern furniture includes reworking traditional pieces such as incorporating stainless steel into a high-backed dining chair that features both Queen Anne legs in the front and stabilizing criss-cross legs in the back. Form and function tastefully presented transitioning pieces from era to era.

Is Contemporary Furniture Design Timeless?

According to Forbes, contemporary French or mid-century French was setting auction records due to “the biggest names of 1950’s French design whose works symbolized the Modernist changes within society” proving that not only is this style here to stay, but also recognized around the world not only for its performance, but also its specific designer esthetic and design. It is newly made furniture that abounds with appealing layouts produced exclusively for functionality yet gleaming with gallery allure. Collectors of fine furniture will recognize pieces by furniture designers and artists like Niamh Barry, a self-taught metalworker whose background in ceramics known for her extraordinary conceptual furniture and light fixtures and Erin Sullivan, a New York-based artist and designer whose jewelry metalsmithing eventually led her to designing contemporary tables and stools.

Affordable Modern Furniture is Available

Affordable designs for the modernist are readily available regardless of where you decide to purchase your furnishings. Perusing thrift stores, local chain stores, and galleries all offer varying prices and ideas. Whether you live in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle or Miami, there are upscale pieces for both the home and garden. From the round wicker patio chair that offers comfort and style to the modern, sleek and modular designs of a sectional wicker sofa adding a pop of color to any patio, or poolside area accented with plants, candles or sculptures brings the beauty of contemporary furniture miami fl to apartment dwellers, mansions or bungalow inhabitants alike.

Accenting Your Décor in Contemporary Style

Modern furniture and lighting can be pulled together in your home or garden decor with accent pieces. Accessories for outdoor entertaining include choices such as worry-free metallic aluminum tumblers in modern hues of muted pink, distinctive palm green or cobalt blue. Modern dinnerware sets will bring Miami heat to the table; consider teak wood dinnerware or a glass dinner set with swirling clouds of grey that will enhance any stainless steel flatware choice. Simple, functional lighting sets the stage for your contemporary home featuring brushed nickel chandeliers in the dining room to bubble vanity lights in nickel and brushed brass enhancing your décor from top to bottom. Finish with shining metal or geometric ceramic stools that can conveniently host a cocktail or plant and then do double-time as extra seating for guests, every piece a collectors dream.