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Control Your Home Security – Use These Tips

Are you clueless about home security systems? Do you have very little idea where to begin? If so, you should start the process of learning more about home security sytems. Read on to find out what sort of steps you can take.

Always have the locks changed when you buy a new home. You cannot be sure of the number of key copies that the former owner gave out. Hire a locksmith so that you can be sure you are the only person who can access your home. You should also have your locks changed if you lose your keys.

Your flooring and roofing should be fire resistant. This is a good way to protect your home against fires, for instance if you live near power lines or in a dry area. Stopping fire hazards is a key precaution to take since the damage it causes can be considerable.

If you do not know the person at your door, don’t open it. Burglars are getting creative, and they will do anything they can to gain access to your home. Only open the door for people you are expecting.

When summer comes around, eliminate all vegetation and dead wood from your yard. As it gets hotter, the chances of these igniting and putting your house at risk increase. Clearing your yard keeps your home, belongings and family much safer.

Make sure to have your home inspection system maintained on at least an annual basis. Make certain the security company you choose provides for regular inspections. Many things can impact the performance of a security system, such as animals and weather. You might be unaware of problems that arise in some cases.

The first thing to do is get your locks changed out. Perhaps your roommate left town or you have gone through a messy divorce, and you need to feel that the home is safe. It shouldn’t cost too much, and the process can be completed very quickly.

You should not hide your spare key under your mat or inside a plant box. A key that is easily found is a convenience for a burglar, not just for you. Thieves are tricky, diabolical, and familiar with any and every hiding place. You should have a trusted neighbor keep a spare key.

Always lock your doors, even if you are just walking down the street. It might shock you to learn that most break-ins occur due to unlocked doors. A burglar can steal a lot of expensive stuff in a short amount of time.

The wiring on your house is valuable to burglars. Often homeowners are unaware of this fact until they find that their wiring has been stolen. Copper, found in many wires, can be removed in little time, and is worth quite a bit of money. Be sure to keep your wiring hidden or difficult to reach.

You should have a better handle on your choices. Remember this advice and tips as you begin making your home security plans. You will be glad that you did, and it’s time to take care of this very important matter.…

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Bathroom Renovations

Tips And Tricks To Discourage Burglars From Targeting Your Home

Lots of people think securing a home involves a difficult, frustrating process, particularly in terms of hiring a team of professionals. That said, it can also be quick and easy. This article has tips that will help you secure your home.

Always make your house appear to be occupied. Timers can be used to turn lights and televisions on and off when required. Potential intruders will stay away from your home if they believe someone is inside. That means burglars will pass right by.

Your faithful dog makes a great hiding spot for a spare key. But, this is only effective if your home has a pet door or your dog stays outdoors when you are not home. Place a spare key on the collar, and when you really need a spare, you know where to go!

Only provide your house cleaner with a key if you trust him or her implicitly. Be sure to check out the background of any housekeeper you plan to provide with a key to your home. All references should be checked. If it is a known company, check with your local BBB.

Before selecting a security firm, ask for recommendations. Most will be willing to share their likes, loves and loathes, especially as they realize how important it is to you. Making a great choice is important, so this advice will come in handy.

Don’t let any person you don’t completely know into your house. Be wary of those who come to your door selling products, asking for help, or telling sob stories. Some criminals will come in, case your house and then come back when you are away.

Trust your instincts when it comes to hiring a home security company. This is doubly true when you feel unease about the installers. If you simply are not comfortable with a company’s technician, request for another technician or simply hire another company. The point of that system is to feel safer after all.

Don’t forget to secure your skylights too. Skylights are nice to bring extra light into your house, but they are also easy ways for burglars to enter your home. Your skylights need durable and reliable hardware for true protection.

You can hide your valuable items inside your walls. You do not have to damage your walls to keep your valuables safe. You can find areas in your walls that are pre-cut and use those. For example, you might remove the cover of an electrical outlet, disconnect the wires, and use the space to hide small valuables.

Lock your home when you leave, even if you don’t think you will be away for long. Surprisingly, lots of burglaries occur because the burglar was able to simply walk in without having to actually break in. A thief can take plenty of valuables in minutes.

Rather than installing a security system, you can do other things to help keep your family safe. Whether you add fencing, install new locks or purchase a gun, there are things you can do to help. Continue using these tips until your home is secure. If you live in a theft-prone area, consider buying AK-47 rifles to defend your belongings.

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Window Repair and Residential Glass Replacement

Window Repair and Residential Glass Replacement

Anytime you need window repair or residential glass replacement make sure you call someone who specializes in window replacement and repair and knows what he is doing. It’s better if you replace your old drafty windows with new quality windows which will save you money on your utilities. It will keep the cold out in the winter and keep you cooler in the summer. But if you can’t afford residential glass replacement, you can still improve the energy efficiency of existing windows. Windows and doors are the major source of heat-loss in most homes.

Here are some tips on how you can improve the existing windows. First of all you should start by checking for air infiltration or leakage around the window frames and this way you can discover if you have any gaps or cracks that allow warm or cold air to leave or enter the house. To do this, you should hold the back of your hand near the edges of windows to track down the source of leaks. If you feel cold air flowing out from behind the trim, chances are the spaces around the window or door jambs weren’t properly sealed.

But this isn’t a major problem because it can be fixed inexpensively with weather stripping and caulk. Another method is by applying a window film to the glass to reflect harsh sunlight. Films are generally made of polyester or thin plastic applied to the window’s interior by homeowners or glued to the surface by professional installers. So, as you can see, when it comes to window repair you might still need specialists. At least you know you are getting quality work.

Older windows that are drafty, sagging and refuse to open often suffer from lack of maintenance rather than poor workmanship. Also, while they are protecting your home from heat and cold the glass might break or crack from time to time. That’s when you’ll need residential glass replacement. Depending on the problems you have you can always call a window repair specialist or a residential glass replacement contractor. Just think about your safety. You can’t allow an intruder break into your home via a glass window.

If you have already decided the best solution for you and your home is residential glass replacement then do some research before or just ask someone who specializes in window replacement. This way you know you’ll get the best quality and you can be sure you won’t regret the decision.…

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The Basics of Home Window Repair

The Basics of Home Window Repair

Home window repair can be a stressful task to many. It is one of those few repairs that people think that they will not have to think about; however there are numerous reasons as to why a window may need to be replaced. One of the most common reasons for home window repair is someone knocking the window out by accident. Most times in this situation there are children playing and next thing they know, there is glass shattering. Also home window repair may be needed because of scratches, cracks, or holes. Many times home owners have to repair windows because of normal wear and tear on a home. The good thing about having to do this repair is that there are several things that can be done to fix the problem.

Parts and Expenses

Window glass repair or window glass replacement may not be as troublesome as it seems. It can be a quick and easy process depending upon what all needs to be done. Unfortunately some people attempt to fix the window without any prior knowledge. This may possibly cause more damage to the window. So it is recommended that people without knowledge of window repair call someone with more experience. In many cases finding the correct part for the window is the hardest task. The older a window is, the harder it is to find the part. If the part cannot be found then it could mean more expenses for the homeowner.


If there is just a scratch on the window instead of installing replacement windows, it may be able to be repaired at home with only a glass repair kit. These kits truly work and are able to repair glass within a matter of minutes. It is always important to do something once a crack is noticed. If a crack is not dealt with then it can easily spread.

Good and Bad of Home Window Repair

Home window repair can be easy or hard depending upon what happened to cause the repair and whether the parts can be found. Only someone who is capable of fixing the repair should be handling the window because the window can be quite fragile.…

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How To Measure, Install and Maintain Venetian Window Blinds

How To Measure, Install and Maintain Venetian Window Blinds

Venetian Blinds – How to measure


There are a number of things you need to consider when measuring for new blinds. Below is a quick guide to help you. Firstly make sure you have a pencil and some paper and a tape measure (preferably a metal one).

What to measure in…

Always measure in millimetres (mm) as most blind suppliers require a size in millimetres.

Where to measure…

In normal window areas there are 2 potential places for your blinds to be installed, these are known as the window face, or the window recess. All Venetian Blinds can be fitted to the face of your window frame or wall, or into the top of the window recess. This gives you complete control over the positioning of your blind.

For a recess measurement:

Make sure you have enough depth to mount the Venetian Blind inside the window frame area. 50mm should be fine; any less will result in the blind protruding out of the recess. If you have less than 50mm it may be worth considering installing your blind outside the window recess as a face fit.

1) Measure the width of the recess from wall to wall at the top. This is where the brackets will be fitted. Be sure to measure across 3 areas of the width to ensure the area is the same width (or very similar) and the walls do not have bulges that will affect the operation of the blind.

2) Note down the shortest measurement.

3) Take off 10mm each side – this will give you some flexibility in case of any variants in your walls and will ensure your blind doesn’t get damaged when operated. If you want to cover the total window area we suggest you fit your blind to the window face.

4) Measure the drop by taking the measurement from the top of the recess to the bottom.

5) Note down the measurement.

For a face measurement:

1) Measure the exact width of where you’d like your blind to be. As a guide, add an overlap from the window frame of between 50mm and 100mm, this will help reduce the gap at the side of the blind, providing better light control and more privacy.

2) Note down the measurement.

3) Measure the drop from the top of where you want your blind positioned to the bottom.

4) Note down the measurement.

And remember…

• Ensure that on all recess width measurements that you have deducted 10mm from each side.

• Measure at least twice to make sure there are no errors.

• Note the side you wish the controls to be so that they are easily accessed.

• To be sure of a great fit it is important that when measuring you account for any obstructions like window handles.

• For full-length windows we recommend that you measure to approx 20mm off the floor. This will give enough clearance and allow the base rail to move freely.

• For face fit installations remember to raise the blind by 250mm above the frame to allow the Venetian Blind mechanism to clear as much glass as possible when raised. This will allow more light into the room and is important when blinds are on doors, to allow for clearance.

Other installation considerations

Shallow sill depth (recess fitting):

Around 50mm minimum sill depth is required to fasten all brackets as the minimum depth necessary for a flush mount (where the product does not protrude into the room). If your sill depth does not cover this you should probably consider a face fit installation.

Corner windows:

When two Venetian Blinds meet in a corner or in a corner where there is only glass, there can be a privacy problem. That’s due to a gap where the products fit together. In order to minimize the problem, consider making one product bypass the other, then specify the other product to fit flush into the first.

It is important to consider the side your controls are on when specifying Venetian Blinds for corner windows. Make sure you do not block the control mechanism with the overlap.

French doors and sliding doors:

Venetian Blinds are not the best solution for installation over French Doors and Sliding Doors. When raised Venetian Blinds leave a stack of slats which fall down between 50 and 250mm depending on the length of the blind. If you want to keep the full door area cleared when the blind is raised then the blind needs to be specified wider and taller. You will need a minimum of 50mm (width) x 250mm (drop) additional space per Venetian Blind for the mounting brackets at the top. This higher and wider measurement means that when the Venetian Blind …

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Window Cleaning – Do It Yourself!

Window Cleaning – Do It Yourself!

Many people clean their windows themselves and end up unsatisfied with the end result. If you can afford it, hiring a professional is your best bet, but if not doing it yourself isn’t too difficult, it’s the way to go. Some basic equipment is required which you can easily find at most home improvement centers. First of all you will need a window cleaning squeegee. A 12 inch one should be fine. Go for a better quality one that you can easily put new rubber into, a strip washer and maybe a replacement rubber for the next time you clean your windows. A few cotton clothes, dish soap and a bucket will also be needed. If you have second story windows a ladder is useful but an extension pole also does the trick. Ladder work is at your own risk! These are the basic tools, with these you’ll be able to clean pretty much any window.

First you should fill your bucket with 2 gallons of cold water. Next add a squirt of dish soap. Experiment with the amount you don’t want too much or too little just enough to provide a little slip for your squeegee. Dunk your stripwasher in the water and slosh it around to create some foam. Wring it out a little to remove excess water. Next apply the stripwasher to the window and scrub in a circular motion avoiding the top seal. You don’t want drips! Scrub until you think the dirt is loosened and then prepare to squeegee the glass. There are many squeegeeing techniques but we’ll stick to the basic straight pull. If the window is long and vertical you will place the squeegee at the top of the glass and pull straight down.

Avoid putting too much pressure on the the squeegee do the work. Wipe the rubber dry with your cloth and then pull down again if needed. Make sure your squeegee is overlapping the clean glass no less than half an inch. Next detail the edges with a dry cloth. Make sure you do the bottom last since it will be the wettest. If you have a wider window to clean then do the same but pull across instead of down. Make sure the top end of your squeegee is tilted in the direction you’re pulling. This will insure that all the water flows down the window. With a little practice you will be on your way to perfect windows! If you want to save some time and frustration, or you’re afraid of heights then by all means hire a professional window cleaner.

Hope this helps…

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Decorative Ideas for Your Wood Sash Windows

Decorative Ideas for Your Wood Sash Windows

It long has been a saying that if you have had wood sash windows installed in your home, you would not need any excess decorations to help improve your home decor plans. However, this stupendous praise has been compromised in recent times by the arrival and quick advent of PVC or plastic windows.

The hype and popularity of the latter has made the timber windows jade a little on the esteem front, but there are plenty of ways to step up the fashion quotient of your wood windows without replacing them. So what are the ways in which you can use decorative experiments and come out a winner? Well, with wood sash windows, it is far more difficult to get away with callous fashion experimentation than with clothes or other segments of interior decor.

This is exactly what we have a few decorative ideas and tips at hand to help you make merry while dressing up your window frames!

Valances: Using valances over your wood sash windows is a great way to keep things fresh! In fact, wood window valances have often been considered as the best adornment for window frames – especially if you can have them made and installed in a unique fashion! For instance, hand-crafted artwork or fabrics can look out-of-the-world over a well-polished timber window.

Colors: Use colors – both on the window frames as well as on the panes. The use of colors that match with the furniture or wall colors can create a mesmerizing effect on the ambiance of the room. This is not possible with steel or PVC window frames, which when colored other than their natural grey or white, may look artificial and drab. On the other hand, judiciously colored wood sash windows can create magic within the four walls!

Glass paintings: Use the panes to show off your glass painting skills. Glass painting, especially on polished wood frames can look as majestic as those adorning the old regal palaces of the Dukes and Duchess themselves! The fact that the wooden frames highlight the color and the glass paint better is another advantage you could consider while decorating your timber windows!

Flowers: Flowers are the ultimate decorative idea or weapon – whatever you may choose to call it. You can actually create a Swiss picture perfect wood sash window with flowers placed in fashionably astute positions in front of the window itself.

Antique Furniture & Drapes: Nothing sets up the tone of a grand interior decor theme better than antique furniture and royal drapes. Add these to the room, along with polished and glazed wood windows, and you will have an ambiance that even George III will be proud to live in!

So what are you waiting for? If you have a wooden window frame that needs some polishing done, use these ideas to liven it up. And if you implement the ideas right, there is no challenging the fact that your windows and your home shall be your neighbors’ envy – and your unflinching pride!…

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How to Repaint a Wood Window Or Door Frame

How to Repaint a Wood Window Or Door Frame

Wooden frames offer an unsurpassed architectural element to any residence. There’s been a great push in recent years to upgrade old windows and doors with more energy-efficient models, especially with low-cost vinyl windows, but in many instances – and especially in historic buildings – replacing is not an option.

Wood needs to be repainted regularly to keep them looking good, and also to protect the window trim and door jambs from rotting over time. If you see exposed wood on your building’s windows and doors, know they are dying a slow death to the elements.

How to Paint Wood Frames

Inspect. Before beginning any repair job, first inspect the frames for excessive rot or water damage. If damage has gone too far, no amount of paint can keep water from causing further damage, and it’s probably best to call in a professional to address the causes of water rot.

Clean. Remove all old, flaking paint (or stain) from window trim and door jambs with a chemical paint stripper, sander, scraper, or wire-bristled brush. Wipe down with a wet cloth to gather fine dust from sanding.

Fill. Using wood putty, fix minor abrasions, nail holes, and pits in the wood. Sand with smooth sandpaper and wipe with a damp cloth.

Prime. Good primer helps seal the wood and provides a good bond with the paint.

Paint. Once you strip off the old finish, you must repaint quickly as untreated wood can be damaged by the sun, rain or humidity. Avoid dark colors, as they cause excess heating and cooling. Paint all surfaces, but avoid slopping paint onto the door or window hardware. Use care not to let paint bind a window shut. Use oil- or water-based paints designed for outdoor use. Two coats on exterior window and door frames ensures adequate coverage and longer life.…

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Fixing Roller Window Blinds

Fixing Roller Window Blinds

Advice On Making Your Roller Blinds Brand New

Fixing roller blinds can be a very important task due to the fact that they are ultimately there to protect your window, your privacy and fulfill your interior space. You are perfectly aware that having blinds that do not function properly equals to having none at all. Dysfunctional blinds could prevent you from controlling the amount of light within the room, enjoying a beautiful, sunny day outside, letting some fresh air in or otherwise limit all the benefices this type of window treatment has. This is why it is very important to have a functional blind and be able to fix your roller blind whenever needed.

A word or two on roller blinds

Firstly, a word or two on this type of window covering. A roller blind consists of an aluminum tube attached at the window top via brackets and with some kind of fabric rolled up around it. When you pull the tube down, the rolled fabric unfolds and covers the whole or just a part of the window, depending on the level the blind is set and locked on. It is usually operated by a chain or a remote used for motorized roller blinds which have a motor installed inside the tube. These blinds are made from different kinds of materials like linen, cotton or polyester and usually come in more or less transparent options, including blackout blinds which are not see-through in any way to translucent and sheer ones. These window treatments will protect your privacy, allow you to control the amount of light and contribute to your window’s and thus your home thermal insulation and not to mention their timeless and stylish look.

Prepare to repair!

Now, if you have purchased this type of blinds being aware of all the previously mentioned characteristics and advantages, you probably want them to function properly. If that is not the case, you will need to know how to fix your roller blinds. Firstly, know that there are a few things that usually go wrong with these blinds, like the blind folding and rolling up to fast, being too loose or having a damaged and slipped chain. Do not despair, since repairing your roller blind could be quite a simple task with proper guidance.

If your blind rolls up too fast can be repaired by slackening the tension of the spring. And the other way around. If the blind is too loose, you will have to increase the spring tension. The first thing you could do is roll up the blind and take it down. When removed from the brackets, roll it up and down manually a few times. This could easily be the only thing you will have to do. Simply reattach the blind and test if the spring tension is adequate. If this has not loosened or tightened the spring, you will need to try something else.…