Window Signs: Clear Vs Solid

Window Signs: Clear Vs Solid

Window signs are a big step for a retail business and can turn into a fairly large investment. If you are looking to adorn your business windows with custom retail signage you may have a few specific options in mind. Depending on your design and the amount of visibility you have into you store, you may be looking for something with a clear background versus a solid background. Before you make your final decision, make sure you are well informed about your printing options.


Companies that are capable of printing clear decals, offer a variety of printing options dependent solely on what you are looking for. Clear printing can result in image being both completely clear and transparent, transparent colors like stained glass, or solid full-color designs. The best thing you can do when ordering clear decals is to let your printing company know exactly how you want it printed. Designs with large white background are usually good for keeping the design colorful and turning the white background clear, however, if you have a lot of colorful elements in your design you may want to keep your decal completely solid.


Placing a large vinyl decal on your window can certainly impair visibility on your windows. As an alternative you can cut the vinyl to alleviate some of the unnecessary design, or you can have your designs printed onto a clear material. If you have an unnecessary background a clear decal might be your better choice. If you’d like to keep the full color design but don’t want to lose your visibility, you can also consider a one-way vision material.


Clear printing is a unique process that requires special equipment and ink, as well as a longer printing process. This option will cost a bit more than a standard vinyl decal. If you are looking for a material that is less expensive and easier on your budget, consider a solid decal.

Shape Cuts

Shape cut decals, also referred to as die-cutting, is another option you can consider for clear and solid decals. Die-cutting a decal can help to remove unnecessary backgrounds. Die-cut decals can be cut to the exact edges of a design. Or, you can be cut around the design so the decal still a small bit of the colored background, which adds contrast. Clear decals don’t require any shape cutting because the material around the design is completely see-through.…