Keep Home Replacement Windows From Fogging Up

Keep Home Replacement Windows From Fogging Up

So you have just replaced all the windows in your house and the added beauty has proven to be a great addition to your home. Especially that large picture window in your bathroom that lets in that incredible morning light.

If you have a bathroom like most other homes, when you take a shower in the morning, the windows will fog up, and that great morning light through the window is no longer there. Here is a simple solution on how to keep your home replacement windows from fogging up.

Step one, buy some regular inexpensive shaving cream. Any brand. Use the shaving cream foam and apply a generous amount to your new window. You can simply use your hand, and spread the shaving cream on your window in a circular motion. Lather it on well. It is a little messy, but smells good.

Be sure to cover the entire window, as any area left uncovered, will still fog up. Once you have covered the entire replacement window, move on to step two.

Step two, wipe it off with a dry rag. You do not want to use a wet rag, because you will wipe off the shaving cream that you have just applied. Because of the smooth surface of the window glass, it will wipe off very easily. The dry rag removes the excess cream from the window, but leaves the coating that resists the water from clinging to the window glass.

Once this is done, you will have a fog free window for at least a couple of weeks before you will need to reapply the shaving cream. There are only a few windows in your house that will have a fogging issue, so it is not as if you have to repeat this for every window in your home.

So how does it work?

It is the waxy substance in the shaving cream that works as a coating on the window glass, not allowing the water to stick to the window pane.

Give it a try, you will be rather impressed how easy it is.

Hint, this also works on mirrors! You will no longer have to wipe away the fog multiple times after stepping out of the shower. Your mirror will be fog free just by following the same steps as on your new windows.

It is just another little thing you can do to make the morning routine a little more enjoyable. Remove the window fog and enjoy the scenery every morning. You’ll even be able to tell what the weather is now before getting dressed.

Keep an eye out for more great tips dealing with your new vinyl replacement windows.