Hurricane Window Films

Hurricane Window Films

There are certain parts of the world where people experience hurricanes quite frequently. If you too live in such an area then you must have thought about saving your property from storms. Wind is very powerful in hurricane and the heaviest of objects can fly and can damage your windows if they strike them. The wind itself is that much powerful that it can break ordinary window glass.

There are different options available in the market for hurricane window protection and one of them is hurricane window film. You must have seen advertisement on television about these window films and will thinking do these really exist?

There are certain points in every property that are weak, like doors and windows. These need to be protected if there is a storm so you should focus your attention on protecting them. It is a fact that hurricane window films can strengthen your window glass and can protect you and your home during a hurricane or when a tornado hits your area.

Hurricane window films are designed especially to give strength to the glass. These films enhance the solar reflection which causes reduction in the thermal energy in the home interior.

The value of these hurricane window films increases when there is an actual hurricane. The risk of injury is greater as lots of things are airborne in strong winds. If glass breaks then these airborne things can cause severe injury to you and can damage your property as well. You should use strong frames and glass for your windows that can bear strong wind.

Insurance companies will not consider hurricane window films as means to reduce the damage from hurricane. You cannot avoid insurance premium costs by installing these but you can reduce your heating expenses and can definitely reduce the risk of injuries.

There are better options available in the market that can protect you better from hurricane. Hurricane panels and accordion folding are more strong and wind resistant than these films. Hurricane window films do keep the glass together if it breaks due to some reason.

Though hurricane window films provide little protection but something is always better than nothing and these are an affordable option as well. If you cannot afford the expensive options then these can help you in some way.

There is a bit of science involved in hurricanes as well. Air pressure drops dramatically in hurricanes and if it goes down than the air pressure inside the home then this can cause glass window failure.

Certain building codes are developed to meet all these threats and glass is strong enough to stand the wind. The window frame and other poor materials fail when pressure is generated. Windows that are hurricane resistant are expensive due to the sole reason and this fact makes hurricane window films a choice of every homeowner. You may not feel stress free after installing them but a sense of satisfaction is guaranteed that something is there to protect you.