Warning Signs That Your Home Has a Serious Window Leak

Warning Signs That Your Home Has a Serious Window Leak

As the owner of a home repair company, I’ve seen an alarming trend of homeowners reporting window leaks. These leaks often result from improperly installed windows or poor home construction techniques that prompt the need for expensive, premature repairs. The following article reveals the warning signs that every homeowner can use to determine if they have a serious window leak.

Tell Tale Signs of a Window LeakVisible moisture on the interior of your home in the vicinity of a window is a rather obvious sign of a window leak. But often there are more insidious window leaks who symptoms take far longer to spot. Unfortunately, these symptoms arise after significant damage has occurred. The description (and pictures via the link at the end of this article) will help you spot those problems before they can cost your thousands of dollars in preventable home repairs.

Case Study on the Damage from Leaking Windows

To illustrate how a small, insidious window leak can cause enormous frustration for a homeowner, let’s examine a case study from a recent client that we helped in Amelia, Ohio-a suburb of Cincinnati. This home was about 8 years old, and like many tract homes built in the Cincinnati area, have 2-story great rooms with windows composing much of the exterior wall. While this is a wonderful architectural feature, the vinyl siding and construction techniques used in these homes do not generally prevent a large wall of windows like this from leaking.

The homeowner reports fighting window leaks in this part of the home since shortly after purchase, and indicates that the builder could not resolve the problem. In addition, her neighbors are experiencing similar problems. While one can’t automatically conclude that there is a common building defect in these homes, it is a clue that should lead any home repair professional toward examining the flashing or window installation quality.

Window Leaks Often the Result of Inferior ConstructionIn the case of this homeowner, her window leaks are the result of improperly flashed windows and the absence of house wrap. Flashing is simply material used to shed water away from areas particularly vulnerable to water intrusion. House wrap is just what it sounds like-a material that covers the wood sheeting and prevents any water that sneaks in behind the brick or siding from soaking the wood it “wraps.”

From the pictures (link at end of article) you can see how the absence of proper window flashing and house wrap has allowed the water to penetrate and rot out the wood around the windows while causing significant drywall and insulation damage. More alarming is the mold growth on the wood framing and drywall around the windows inside the home. Aside from the annoyance of water coming in the home during a rain storm, mold growth presents an unacceptable health concern to the family living inside.

If You Suspect a Window is LeakingIf you suspect or witness a window that is …

The Amazing Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Windows

The Amazing Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Windows

If you are remodeling your home, you are likely wondering which aspects of your home you should remodel first. Many people prefer to choose the least expensive options at the outset of their remodeling activities, then slowly progress towards the more expensive options later on. If you would like to implement an addition to your home that can greatly improve your house in a variety of different ways, you will definitely want to look at vinyl window products. The benefits of choosing vinyl windows for your home may just blow you away.

One of the most beneficial aspects of purchasing this type of window is the fact that they can conserve energy on an ongoing basis. This means that these windows can actually save you money over time, especially if you live in an extremely cold or an extremely warm climate. When you add this type of window to your home, the cold air generated by your air conditioner will remain inside your house, and the warm air that is produced by your heater in the winters will also remain inside your house. The air from the outside will be prevented from entering your home as well. So, even though this type of product can be fairly expensive, you may be able to save the money you spend on this addition to your home through the energy savings you will obtain as a result of installing vinyl windows.

One great feature included into vinyl window products is the UV protection they provide as well. UV rays are commonly related to the fading of furniture fabrics and paintings within homes. It may also be dangerous for humans to be exposed to UV rays on an ongoing basis. By incorporating a product that has UV protection inherent within its glass, you can keep your family and your furniture safe.

When you are thinking about replacing your old Windows, you should also take into account that old windows can be a security threat in most homes. Old windows are generally made out of insecure metal frames that can easily be broken through by burglars. By replacing this security weakness as soon as possible with secure vinyl windows that have locks incorporated into their design, you can be certain that your home is as safe as it can possibly be.

Also, vinyl windows can reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters your home. Living on a busy street can be fairly difficult sometimes, because the street noise can easily wake you up when you are trying to sleep. Also loud neighbors can be fairly annoying as well. If you have vinyl windows installed in your home though, you will never have to deal with either of these issues due to the noise reduction this type of product can provide your home with.

On top of these amazing benefits, vinyl window products can also improve the appearance of a home. A home with rundown metal frames on …

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments and Coverings

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments and Coverings

Window treatments and coverings are a fantastic way to add color and style to any room in your home. If you are looking for quality and functionality, then Hunter Douglas window treatments and coverings would be ideal. Hunter Douglas is a leading maker of quality window coverings that incorporate beauty and functionality.

Innovative and Appropriate Window Covering Solutions

Hunter Douglas window treatments are known not only for their style and durability, but also for superior energy efficiency and safety. The different varieties and styles of window-treatments include sheers, shades, blinds, honeycombs and shutters-designed to cover vertical, horizontal and specialty-shaped windows. Another added advantage is that there is a light-control and privacy option to fit every style. These window coverings can be purchased in a range of styles, colors, fabrics and materials to add functionality and flair to any room. The many choices available feature excellent durability, functionality, and aesthetic design. You can buy the product that fits your budget.

Customized Options

Many homeowners prefer to use customized window coverings that are built specifically for the individual consumer according to particular specifications. To further customize your window treatments, Hunter Douglas offers different options-motorized or manual gliding systems and special features.

When choosing Hunter Douglas window treatments and coverings for your home, you should take into consideration your individual preferences, style, as well as the size and shape of the windows. As there are a number of window fashions dealers providing a wide range of window-treatments, it is better to go with the most trusted dealer to get the best deals. Most of the dealers provide professional window covering installation services as well.…

Various Types Of Cat Beds

Various Types Of Cat Beds

Sleeping is an important part of a cat’s life and your kitty will no doubt try to find a comfortable place to cuddle. Felines often go to sleep in their owners’ beds but this can cause discomfort. To solve this problem you can purchase a nice, warm and cozy cat bed. This will make your pet very happy and you will also benefit because the cat won’t disturb you in your bed.

A few types of cat beds can be found on the market. These cat beds are offered in local pet shops as well in online stores. You can browse the Internet easy and conveniently to see the various types and to choose the bed that is appropriate for your feline.

Luxury cat beds

These beds are designed to provide ultimate comfort to your beloved cat and they are more expensive. The beds have a few layers of fabrics in order to guarantee that your cat is warm while sleeping. These layers protect the feline from the coldness coming from the floor. In addition, the size of the luxury cat beds allows the feline to comfortably stretch. The space these beds provide is enough to accommodate more than one cat.

Another characteristic of these beds is the quilted surfaces which bring additional puffiness and softness. Thus, your pet will enjoy high levels of comfort during their nap.

Cat baskets

Cat baskets not only give comfort to your cat, but are also helpful for your come decoration. The baskets have pillows and heat pads that make them very comfortable and warm. Cat baskets are typically made of willow, so they are very sturdy. Their size gives you an opportunity to use blankets that contribute even further to the softness and warmth.

Cat window mats

In case you have a cat that likes spending the day on the windowsill watching what happens outside, then a cat window mat may be very beneficial. These mats are placed on the windowsill to provide warmth, softness and comfort. They are also easily transformed into padded beds, so that the feline will have a private and cozy place to sleep. Your cat will be very happy to lounge on the windowsill mat.

Cat radiator beds

This type of cat bed is very useful for cold days and for people who have radiators at home. Cats like sleeping in warm places, and it isn’t surprising that they come to your bed. However, this may become an issue because not all cat owners want to allow their pets sleeping in their beds. One solution is to place a cat bed on a radiator. Thus, you will give your cat a warm and cozy place to sleep, and the pet won’t disturb you in your bed every night.

As you can see yourself, there are some different types of cat beds and you can choose the one that is most suitable to your needs and the needs of your feline. The main purpose …

Choosing the Right Type of Window Blinds

Choosing the Right Type of Window Blinds

Recently decided you need new blinds, but are overwhelmed with all the different types and choices? Well, you have good right to be. It is hard to go through every type of blind and make a decision you don’t want to go back on. But with this article, I hope it will give you some insight on the different types, choosing the right one for you, and how to stay within a budget.

There are so many different types of blinds; it’s hard to get started! But the good thing about almost all of them is that you can usually easily find them at a discount price somewhere. There are sun control blinds that can let light in without causing a glare, wood window blinds, shutters, shades, verticals, metal rollers, mini, mural, faux wood, velux, bamboo, arch, venetian, roman, and vinyl window blinds, among others, but those are the general overview of what you can look at, for a good discount and a good choice for the decorative sense of your home. But, let’s get more specific.

Mini blinds come in several different slat widths, and the slats are made from several different gauges of aluminum, so there are different thicknesses to choose from. Basically, the higher the gauge, the thicker the slat, and the thicker are the better quality. Venetian blinds are horizontal slat blinds, and encompass everything in the blind market that meets that criterion. Faux wood or “PVC” blinds have become quite popular in the past 15 years. Their slat widths are generally 2 to 2 and ½ inches, and come in a selection of white and wood colors. They are very durable, UV resistant, and waterproof. Composite blinds are much like the PVC blinds, but are heavier and ideal for large window coverings. Wood blinds, obviously, are made from real wood. The premium wood blinds are made from American Basswood, and the value wood blinds are made from assorted Oriental hardwoods. Basswood is good because it resists warping. To make a good decision on what you want, you must understand the room and window you are shopping for first.

You should always examine the window treatments you are working with, because they will have a direct effect on what window blinds you should choose. It’s all about what look you want. If you want a festive look, a heavy look, a light and uncluttered look, or a fun look, these can all play in on what kind of blinds you have. You must figure out if you want something showy, durable, clean-cut, or, all of the above. Choosing your own set of blinds is a matter of personal preference, so remember, there is no wrong answer.

This is the general overview of blinds. There are so many finer details to cover, but this article should help you get your start on which direction you’re thinking about going in. There are so many different types of blinds, and they all …

Hardwood Windows – Should I Replace My Double Glazed Windows?

Hardwood Windows – Should I Replace My Double Glazed Windows?

The purpose of this document is to inform and guide customers who are considering upgrading hardwood windows to better insulated and more efficient double glazed windows. Part of the quest is knowing UK Building Regulations and Document L information, as well as information about what to ask companies and suppliers, so that you get the best deal.

There is a difference of opinion concerning “internal glazing” versus “external glazing” as to which is more secure, and more energy-efficient. Some say internal glazing is less secure and external glazing is less efficient. But according to experts while there is evidence of truth to both arguments, there is virtually no difference between the two. We suggest you make your choice based on the professionalism of the company and your confidence in their reliability.

However, in many cases finding the right company to replace your hardwood windows with double glazed windows can be difficult and confusing. While we cannot tell you which company to use, we can give you some guidelines in choosing the one that’s best for you.

One thing you need to consider if you have sash box windows, should you remove the entire frame, or put your new windows in over the exiting frame. The bottom line is that it will look and work best if you replace the entire frame, but it will cost more. Installing new windows within the existing frame will cost less, but it will generally not be as efficient. So either way will give the desired result, but one is more efficient and the other costs less.

Another consideration is whether to use laminated glass or toughened glass. Both of these are called “safety” glass because they both have built-in features to keep them from shattering. Toughened glass is hard to break, but even if it were broken, it breaks into small sections that does not present the danger of regular glass. Laminated glass is thicker, and therefore harder to break, and will crack instead of shatter. Laminated glass is more expensive than toughened glass, but certainly a good alternative if preferred.

The British Standard “BS 6262: Part 4: 1994 Code of Practice for Glazing for Buildings”, requires that new structures in critical locations must use “safety glass.” However, by definition “new structures” includes new buildings and replacement windows. Safety glass must be used whether it’s a new build or replacement. But once again, both toughened glass and laminated glass are both considered “safety glass.” So the choice is still yours.

Lastly, the question of using PVCu versus aluminium for replacement windows is always a concern. But, PVCu offers good insulation and low maintenance. And it is usually the less expensive way to go. PVCu is available in wood grain finish so it looks good. It’s only disadvantages are its low structural integrity and direct sunlight susceptibility. But these are being overcome by new technology and reinforcement measures.

Aluminium, on the other hand, offers such …

Hurricane Window Films

Hurricane Window Films

There are certain parts of the world where people experience hurricanes quite frequently. If you too live in such an area then you must have thought about saving your property from storms. Wind is very powerful in hurricane and the heaviest of objects can fly and can damage your windows if they strike them. The wind itself is that much powerful that it can break ordinary window glass.

There are different options available in the market for hurricane window protection and one of them is hurricane window film. You must have seen advertisement on television about these window films and will thinking do these really exist?

There are certain points in every property that are weak, like doors and windows. These need to be protected if there is a storm so you should focus your attention on protecting them. It is a fact that hurricane window films can strengthen your window glass and can protect you and your home during a hurricane or when a tornado hits your area.

Hurricane window films are designed especially to give strength to the glass. These films enhance the solar reflection which causes reduction in the thermal energy in the home interior.

The value of these hurricane window films increases when there is an actual hurricane. The risk of injury is greater as lots of things are airborne in strong winds. If glass breaks then these airborne things can cause severe injury to you and can damage your property as well. You should use strong frames and glass for your windows that can bear strong wind.

Insurance companies will not consider hurricane window films as means to reduce the damage from hurricane. You cannot avoid insurance premium costs by installing these but you can reduce your heating expenses and can definitely reduce the risk of injuries.

There are better options available in the market that can protect you better from hurricane. Hurricane panels and accordion folding are more strong and wind resistant than these films. Hurricane window films do keep the glass together if it breaks due to some reason.

Though hurricane window films provide little protection but something is always better than nothing and these are an affordable option as well. If you cannot afford the expensive options then these can help you in some way.

There is a bit of science involved in hurricanes as well. Air pressure drops dramatically in hurricanes and if it goes down than the air pressure inside the home then this can cause glass window failure.

Certain building codes are developed to meet all these threats and glass is strong enough to stand the wind. The window frame and other poor materials fail when pressure is generated. Windows that are hurricane resistant are expensive due to the sole reason and this fact makes hurricane window films a choice of every homeowner. You may not feel stress free after installing them but a sense of satisfaction is guaranteed that something is there to protect you.…

Keep Home Replacement Windows From Fogging Up

Keep Home Replacement Windows From Fogging Up

So you have just replaced all the windows in your house and the added beauty has proven to be a great addition to your home. Especially that large picture window in your bathroom that lets in that incredible morning light.

If you have a bathroom like most other homes, when you take a shower in the morning, the windows will fog up, and that great morning light through the window is no longer there. Here is a simple solution on how to keep your home replacement windows from fogging up.

Step one, buy some regular inexpensive shaving cream. Any brand. Use the shaving cream foam and apply a generous amount to your new window. You can simply use your hand, and spread the shaving cream on your window in a circular motion. Lather it on well. It is a little messy, but smells good.

Be sure to cover the entire window, as any area left uncovered, will still fog up. Once you have covered the entire replacement window, move on to step two.

Step two, wipe it off with a dry rag. You do not want to use a wet rag, because you will wipe off the shaving cream that you have just applied. Because of the smooth surface of the window glass, it will wipe off very easily. The dry rag removes the excess cream from the window, but leaves the coating that resists the water from clinging to the window glass.

Once this is done, you will have a fog free window for at least a couple of weeks before you will need to reapply the shaving cream. There are only a few windows in your house that will have a fogging issue, so it is not as if you have to repeat this for every window in your home.

So how does it work?

It is the waxy substance in the shaving cream that works as a coating on the window glass, not allowing the water to stick to the window pane.

Give it a try, you will be rather impressed how easy it is.

Hint, this also works on mirrors! You will no longer have to wipe away the fog multiple times after stepping out of the shower. Your mirror will be fog free just by following the same steps as on your new windows.

It is just another little thing you can do to make the morning routine a little more enjoyable. Remove the window fog and enjoy the scenery every morning. You’ll even be able to tell what the weather is now before getting dressed.

Keep an eye out for more great tips dealing with your new vinyl replacement windows.…