Wooden Window Shutter – Restore Its Beauty For a New Look

Wooden Window Shutter – Restore Its Beauty For a New Look

Wooden window shutter is essential in beautifying a home. However, it can be damage by some factors. To restore its beauty, you can paint it. Here are steps that may guide you.

1. Take off the shutters.

Remove the shutters from the windows. Put them in a safe, shady place like garage or patio. Avoid painting when there is direct sunlight. This will cause irregular dryness of paint. Also, keep the place clean by covering it with scrap papers.

2. Polish the old paint.

Use a knife to remove any old paint. Make sure that you will gently do this so that the shutter will not be damaged completely. You can do this within 30 minutes.

3. Clean.

Wash the shutters carefully. You may use a brush together with hot water and soap. Rinse completely the soap. Any left soap will be a cause of ugly painting. Also, since it is wooden, it must be dry totally. A towel may be used or you may leave for an hour or more. Air will be the one to dry it.

4. Select your material.

One important material that you must choose is paint. Since you are using wood, a latex paint is best appropriate. Also, choose a color which can fit the design of your house. It should also go with the color of your house if it is painted. Furthermore, the color of paint must also be pleasant to the eyes. People will love looking at it if is beautiful and attractive.

5. Do the painting.

Before starting, you must see to it that no direct sunlight and strong winds can disturb you. Apply first the first coating. Make it light so that the second coat will be noticeable. Spray paints or paint guns are available. You can use them so that the result will be perfectly fine. Let it dry before putting it back to its position.

Now you are done with your wooden window shutter. Put it now to its place to create a new look in your house.