How to Prepare Your Car for Window Tinting

How to Prepare Your Car for Window Tinting

There are quite a number of good reasons why you should tint your car:

• It serves a very important purpose of protection against health, safety and security issues and concerns

• It helps prolong the life years of your investment in cars

• It is also one of the measures of a good preventive maintenance

• It greatly enhances the looks of your car

Follow these easy steps to prepare your car for window tinting:

1. Prepare the materials needed.

• Fresh Razor Blade

• Spray Bottle

• Sponge or Squeegee

• Warm soapy water

2. Stick the flap back or take away any flutters and flips that come in contact with the window that extend in your car’s door.

• You may be required to get rid of the door panel.

• Or you may stick the flap back with some tape.

3. Ensure that the window is thoroughly cleaned both outside and inside.

• Be sure to check active content of the cleaning agents you intend to use prior to applying to avoid any unwanted exposure to risks.

• Wash the window with a preparation of soapy warm water or a few drops of gentle cleaning agents – dishwashing or baby soaps may also be used.

• Spray the window glass and scuff the water off using a new razor blade; be very sure to avoid scratching the glass.

4. Get rid of the excess water and fragments from the window glass using a sponge.

• Wash off the sponge after every swipe to avoid transferring debris and fragments from one spot of the window to another spot.

5. Do again steps 3 and 4 if there are still debris and water retained on the window glass.

• You may want to repeat this step as needed to thoroughly have the window glass cleaned.

• Best result can only be achieved if the window glass is totally cleaned.

• Don’t forget to clean the outside part if you intend on working the tinting against the outside of the window glass.

Before working on tinting your car’s glass window, make sure you have made the proper considerations – budget and cost, the proper procedures of tinting to avoid any unwanted results because of lack of knowledge, or you may want to have it done in a car shop.