Brighten Up Your Space With Stained Glass Windows

Brighten Up Your Space With Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass window films, also known as window etchings or wallpaper for windows, are the most cost effective way to ensure privacy in rooms such as bathrooms, and they won’t break your bank account. Unlike actually installing etched or frosted glass windows, which can carry a heavy price tag, glass window films are so much more cost effective and very easy to install and can be removed later if desired.

Bathroom windows are some of the most common windows people seek to add privacy to. Other solutions include adding blinds or fabric drapes, but these solutions block the natural light that is so desirable in small rooms such as bathrooms. Stained glass window films allow all that natural light you desire to still flood the room while also adding beauty and color and most importantly, privacy.

Whether you are interested in stained glass films or window etching films, installation is very easy. Window films have come along way from the old window films that relied on sticky adhesives to cling to the windows, these old sticky window films where hard to install and very time consuming to remove later. Making a mistake or misalignment while installing films with glue backing could mean completely ruining the film and having to start over with a new film, this proves to be frustrating and costly.

Today’s window films cling easily to windows and all you need to install your beautiful, colorful films is a spray bottle of water and a razor blade. There is no special tools to buy and no messy adhesive to mess with. Just spritz your window with the spray bottle and place the window etching or window film on the window and it will cling to the window until you decide to remove it. Later if you decide to change films or simply remove it altogether, simply peel the film easily from the window and the film can be stored for later use.

Home self improvement is on the rise today. With the cost of hiring a construction company or a handyman, many home owners are tackling their home improvement projects themselves. Improving and upgrading the look of your homes windows has never been easier than it is today. In simply minutes you can change the entire look and feel of any room with very little effort. There is no reason why upgrading your windows look and feel can’t be done by anyone who has a desire to tackle such an easy job. Your friends and family will be amazed at the new look of your bathroom.

Whatever look you want for your bathroom, it’s available to you, with so many different styles of stained glass window panels to chose from you are only limited by your imagination. From floral to tropical, from classic stained glass to religious, there are so many styles and prints to choose from you can’t go wrong.