Sash Window Repairs Tips and Guidelines

Sash Window Repairs Tips and Guidelines

Sash windows are made up of one or two panels, which also serve as the frame that holds the pane of glass. The panels in these types of windows are moveable and often slide vertically or horizontally.

The design of these windows was first introduced by an English inventor, Robert Hooke, and the first ones are believed to be installed in late 16th Century. Such window designs are still used in most parts of the United Kingdom, as they represent the period architecture and culture. Even though, this window style seems practical and historical, it requires regular maintenance and repairs for proper functioning.

Sash window repairs is very important to keep the windows in proper shape and function. Sometimes, sash window repairs may not require any professional help and can be done by capable individuals who have sufficient knowledge and the right set of tools.

Firstly, to start off with the window repair, you will need to check the mechanism of the sash windows. There are mainly three types of mechanisms:

single hung sash,

double hung sash

and horizontal sliding sash.

After checking the window mechanism, the next step is to gather the right set of tools. The tools that would be required for sash window repairs typically include


utility knife,

stiff puffy knife,



and screwdriver.

To start the repair job, you will need to remove the window and window casing very carefully in order to open up the panel cover.

When panel cover is open, the sash cord, the weight and the pulley will become visible. Next step is to lubricate and clean the pulleys. After, lubricating next process is to replace the old cord with new one as the cord gets frayed over time.

Then the weights need to be secured, which is done by tieing a knot at the end of each sash cord. After this, you will need to put back the weights in the jamb and to slide back into the panel.

At this step the repair and the maintenance is done, and now window should be checked for its proper functioning.

If, after following all these steps, window still seems jammed, then the last option is considering replacement wooden windows as the last resort.

Replacement wooden windows can be done by hiring professionals. However, people who do not want to spend their money on professional can also replace them on their own. Just like repairing the wooden sash windows, the process replacing the wooden sash windows just need to follow some simple steps for the right people.…

Choosing A Good Window And Glass Installer

Choosing A Good Window And Glass Installer

Choosing a reputable window and glass installer can be a very difficult thing for most homeowners. Depending on the area that you live in, there can literally be hundreds of window businesses offering their services. The first thing that every homeowner should consider is the length of time that the business has been in business. Window installers that have been in business for many years often have many references to combine with their years of experience. However, businesses that have not been in business very long may lack the references and experience, but they may make up for it with lower installation costs and other things.

There are also other things to look out for when selecting a window installer. Most reputable glass installers have websites that showcase their services. Their websites should list all of their contact information and should include their telephone number and other pertinent information. Most reputable installers should also have references, and they will also provide their references if you request them. It is also important to check the local directory websites to make sure that the window installer that you choose to do business with is listed in the directory. Most local directory websites also feature a ratings system for the businesses that are listed, giving a homeowner a chance to see what other people think about their services.

Most window and glass installers are also listed on business referral websites such as the BBB. When looking at websites such as the BBB, it is important to remember that the businesses that are listed oftentimes pay to be listed, and they also pay to have good rating points. Another thing to consider when selecting a window and glass installer is the price. It is very important to price the job from multiple installers, because that gives you a chance to compare prices. However, it is important to remember that shopping for the lowest prices doesn’t always guarantee good service. Finally, the most important thing to look out for when choosing a window and glass installer is their credentials. Most window and glass installers are licensed, bonded and insured, to protect themselves and the homeowner. Choosing a reputable window and glass installer can be challenging and overwhelming, however taking the necessary steps before making that choice will ultimately benefit the homeowner saving them time and money, and it guarantees that they will get their windows fixed by quality companies.…

How Important Is to Get Window Glass Replacement Contractor

How Important Is to Get Window Glass Replacement Contractor

You’ve been putting it off, but you just can’t any longer: it’s time to replace your windows or maybe it’s time to have new storm windows fitted and built. Either way, it’s most prudent to find a highly experienced contractor to do any sort of home glass repair.

First things first-ask how long the company has been in business. When it comes to residential glass replacement, there can be a big difference between two years in business and ten. With a more experienced contractor, you’ll likely get more solid estimates, because they’ve sorted out their own overhead and costs and are able to accurately estimate how much a given project will cost.

Once you’ve found a company that’s been around awhile, ask about their crews. Find out whether they’re licensed. Ask what the percentage of apprentice to experienced crew members is. You want a crew that has seen everything-they know how to deal with the unexpected situations that tend to come up on a project. No two home glass repair projects will be alike, so having someone who knows how to work around unusual construction can be a huge benefit.

Check references and ask around to see who among your family and friends has had any window glass replacement work done. Were they satisfied with the work that was done? What about the cost? Would they recommend the same company to do your work? Often, word of mouth is the best salesperson a company can have.

If you’re fortunate enough to have found a few contractors who seem to have similar levels of experience and all check out with good references, ask for estimates from each. Residential glass replacement contractors are accustomed to quoting projects. As the homeowner, your job is to make sure you’re giving project details clearly and concisely, so your estimates will be accurate and comparable. Your contractors need to know precisely what you want in order to give you an accurate breakdown of costs.

In addition to getting cost estimates, do a rundown on each contractor’s turnaround time as well as their warranty. They’re not all created equal and you should know how labor and materials are warranties before you sign off for them to begin your work.

Once you’ve got your new pane or new windows, you’ll be able to reap the rewards in energy efficiency and comfort within your home. No more layering on sweaters every winter in an effort to keep warm, and no blasting yourself with fans in the summer. Finally your windows will be doing what they’re supposed to do!…

Window Coverings and Shades and Blinds – Oh My!

Window Coverings and Shades and Blinds – Oh My!

Window blinds and shades have made great strides in the last couple decades. Whilst they are basically coverings for windows which are ordinarily fastened to the interior side of windows, they have come to be a great deal more. They help with the visual design of a room, deliver light control, insulation or energy efficiency, level of privacy, and views on demand.

You will discover an ever growing quantity of window coverings on the market today.

Venetian window blinds feature horizontal slats, one above the other. They are suspended by means of strips of fabric referred to as tapes, or by cords, by which all slats in unison may be rotated through nearly 180 degrees. Through varying the rotation, the slats can be adjusted to many angles to regulate light.

There are also lift cords passing through slots inside each slat. Any time these cords are pulled, the bottom part of the blind moves upwards resulting in the lowest slats to push the underside of the next highest slat as the blind is raised.

Venetian window shades are often times made of metal or plastic; wooden slats are sometimes used however these are usually categorised as wood blinds or bamboo blinds. The design of the slats can be curved, flat, or even elliptical.

Mini blinds are Venetian blinds using very narrow slats, about 1″ wide (usually 25 millimeters wide). Micro blinds have 1/2″ wide slats (usually 12 mm wide).

Faux or vinyl mini blinds are actually made out of PVC (poly vinyl chloride plastic). The slat’s surface area may be smooth or else embossed with a wood grain. Once embossed with a wood grain, they are known as faux wood blinds. Today there’s a wide color selection as well as different textures to select from.

PVC or faux blinds are very durable, UV resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. They are an excellent option for damp areas such as kitchen areas and bathrooms. The main drawback with faux blinds is the weight of the slats. PVC slats are heavier than both wood and composite slats and may also make raising the blinds a difficult task. In addition, they tend to bow whenever utilized on a large window.

Composite blinds are made of a combination of wood products together with polymers. They are durable as well as economical, but generally have a “plastic” look and feel to them.

Similar to PVC, the color selection nowadays is amazingly good, with many different wood tone and stain colors available. They have characteristics very much like PVC as well as faux, and tend to be some of the very best available.

Wood window blinds are actually Venetian blinds, but are made 100% from wood. They will function in the same way that Venetian window shades work.

If you are planning to match a cabinet or trim stain, wood window blinds are your best option. Wood blinds will be among the best, although they are also …

How to Fix Broken Glass Panes

How to Fix Broken Glass Panes

Windows are made to provide light during the day and to see through them. This is made possible by glass panes fixed on there framework. They are available in clear sheet, frosted or in simple terms those that are see through and those that are not. Usually glass for lavatories or wash rooms are frosted while for other rooms unless by architectural design are fixed as clear sheets.

When the glass panes are shattered or broken the process of removing them sometimes is delicate. This is because of the danger of being cut or breaking the replacement. The pane should first be identified and more so by the room it is to be fixed. Most department stores or hard wares stocking glass will sell with the putty to fix back if the pane was fixed by putty. Panes are fixed onto frames using rubber, putty or timber beading. This are fixed to the window frame or door frame to hold the glass.

The glass pane should be removed only after a replacement is ready. Start by removing the putty using a scrapper and clear it off the frame. Take the new sheet of glass which has been measured to fit the frame space. Note that before fitting it, place some putty on the frame. This is for the glass to sit on instead of directly onto the frame. Squeeze the pane on the edge firmly round with the scrapper handle so that the putty spreads evenly behind it.

Take more putty and line it round the glass pane at angle of at least forty five degrees to weather off any arising dust or water. Repeat the process again until the putty is about twenty millimeters thick round the glass and scrap off any excess putty. Take a clean clothe with petroleum and clean the pane. Ensure that the putty dries for about three to seven days before applying any paint which matches the rest of the window frame.…

Painting Your Wood Sash Windows

Painting Your Wood Sash Windows

Wood sash windows can be a real graceful addition to your homes, especially if you have had all of your furniture and drapes revamped to accommodate the same. Polishing and painting the wood window frames can also be a great way to kick start the interior decor overhaul you always coveted at your home.

However, painting your wood sash window frames is not as easy as you would have thought it would be. In fact, there are so many intricate details about going about the same that an amateur may well damage the whole frame rather than embellishing it. So you need to keep some points in mind while trying to paint your timber window frames as well as doors that need a color or polish rehash!

Here are some of those tips that will help you keep the paint from smearing out the awesomeness of your window frames –

Clean the Palette First: Have your palette, i.e. the window frame, cleaned of any debris or protruding edges or potholes first. Even though these will not obstruct a smooth painting job from a professional, having them cleaned and rough edges smoothened out makes for a much better finish than expected. And the paint job makes your wood sash window look brand new – just as you would have wanted.

Match the Set : The ambiance of the room as well as the furniture and drapes all have an important part to play in the paint job. This is because unless you have the colors matched with the surroundings, you will never have a regal wood window in your home ever!

Sober Colors Work Better : Again, make sure that the paint colors are sober and not too tangy for your taste. For instance, in a room that has black and brown furniture and heavy drapery, using colors like fluorescent orange or bright yellow might provide a jarring impact on the eye. And contemporary fashion or not, a wood window paint needs to be in good taste.

Painters’ Tape: Use painter’s tape or pencil markers to demarcate paint areas. Remember not to use them too hard or in opulent strokes. For once the paint is done, these might be harder to etch off the windows – and you might have to do it all over once again as a consequence.

However, apart from all of these tips, what you really need to keep in mind is the fact that you need to employ professional wood sash window painters to complete the job of adding clinical colors to your interior decor. For amateur or novice attempts at painting, especially timber windows and doors can completely kill the purpose, even if for the minutest of errors.

Now choosing a professional firm that provide maintenance and paint jobs on bespoke or ready-to-install wooden windows is a different story altogether. To cut a long story short, you need to invest time in research and client verification before you finally hire …

The Benefits Of Window Repairs To Your Home

The Benefits Of Window Repairs To Your Home

There is more to having windows in your home than simply looking good. The appearance of your windows is important, given that they can make your home look very well and can add to its marketability should you ever decide to sell.

However your windows have to perform properly otherwise they will be costing you money. Properly insulated windows allow light into the property but do not allow heat that has been built up in the home to escape. Given that it costs a lot to heat a room, it is imperative that this heat is not lost through badly insulated windows or doors.

If your windows are showing signs of wear and tear it might be wise to consider window repairs or even replacement. This may involve simply window glass repair – that being the removal of your existing glazing and the installation of a more specialist glass that will conform better to your individual needs.

An example of this would be to install tinted glass. This would cut down the glare in your home and if you have a room in your home that suffers from the suns glare this could be an attractive option for you to consider.

A more expensive option is the removal of the entire window unit and its replacement with a more energy efficient window unit such as a uPVC double glazed window.

Some homeowners shy away from such an action as they consider the purchase cost of these windows to be excessive. However what they do not realize is that their existing windows are costing them money. Inefficient windows cause the homeowner to have to spend more and more on heating fuels in order to maintain the temperature of the room in the winter.

Not only do draught-free windows cost less but they create a more comfortable home. This cost saving applies to the summertime as well as to the colder months, as trying to keep a home cool by using air conditioning can also be a costly business.

Most homeowners that have taken steps to improve the energy efficiency of their homes either through window repairs or through window glass repair claim that after a year they can see a return on their investment. As a lot of heat is lost through under-performing windows and doors these are areas that homeowners should look to first when they feel that their home is not retaining its heat or that their heating bills are too high.…

How To Choose The Right Shade For Auto Window Tinting?

How To Choose The Right Shade For Auto Window Tinting?

It is good idea to get the car windows tinted as there are many benefits in dark windows and if you have decided to get the car windows tinted, be patient and check few things before installing the dark windows because tint can be expensive so you can’t change the shade again and again. So before selecting the shade you should see some points.

there is no doubt that tinted glass gives privacy and protection from the sun but there are some areas where dark windows are not permitted and it is illegal to have too dark shade. So you must keep this thing in mind and check your area’s rules and regulations before installing the dark shade, for example limousine tint is not legal in many areas. The widow tint company can tell you that which shade is legal in your area

Some people just get inspired by seeing a poster or their neighbor’s tinted glass and want the same shade for their car with out noticing their car color. You should see your car color and get the shade which goes with it. Mirror tint looks nice in black or silver car. If your car is red in color then you should prefer black shades because black shades highlight the red color in the car. You can see the variety of different shades in the company from where you want to install them and select which suits our car.

You can have the option of a getting a strip on the top of your windshield that matches shade on the rest of the car. This strip works like a sun shade that protects the eyes of the driver form the sunlight while driving. It looks nice on sports cars and gives a sport look to an ordinary car. So if you are interested in sports cars, you can make your car look like a sports car by having this kind of strip.

You can get colored tints if you want to have a fancy look for your car. If your car is yellow in color, try to have slight yellow tint for window to make it look fancier. You can get these windows customized from the tint company and get your window tint of your own choice if you have a different idea.

So before installing tinted windows, it is better to check these points to make your car the perfect one.…