Less is Definitely Much More!

When it comes to design, home architecture has come a long way since caveman days. In most countries, long gone are the days of living in huts or meek wooden shacks. Whereas homes were first used as merely a shelter from the elements, nowadays, homes are becoming what some might see as art!

Across the globe, there are many different techniques as well as designs when it comes to home construction. Lots of the design is dependent upon the region you live in and the climate. For example, caribbean homes are typically made using concrete blocks whereas most American homes are built with wood. No matter what your need for a structural base might be, the design of the home itself is, for the most part, only limited by your imagination.

Design ideas have varied from ultra modern sleek designs like those seen in Dubai, to even self-built homes made of shipping containers or even straw and earth. Many people are even mixing up a few elements and combining old fashioned construction with modern decor and accents in order to make a super modern look! When it comes to design, a little can definitely go a long way if your placement is right.

There are many subtle ways to enhance the look of your home and provide you with the desired look regardless of what your structural base is. Simply changing a few elements such as the hardware on your sinks and cabinets to replacing a front door can change the look of your home without spending a fortune. We are definitely in the modern age with all this new technology popping up everywhere we turn. And if you are into the modern look but don’t have the budget to buy a modern house, try adding modern touches throughout your home.

When it comes to modern homes, there are many elements that give that feel. Glass is something that is super modern and easy to implement. Swapping out wooden fixtures for glass can really spruce things up! And if it’s curbside appeal you’re after, replacing your wooden deck railing with a glass railing just screams modern and chic! Tacoma, Washington knows all about this element as it is known for it’s Museum of Glass! Search for any glass railings tacoma wa and you will see many examples of how glass can enhance a structure tremendously!

Even if you don’t have a deck or balcony, simply replacing your old wooden coffee table with a glass top can totally enhance your living space. Of course, you want to make sure you keep the glass clean with no streaks or fingerprints. Done right, and placed thoughtfully, glass can do wonders for a space! When you see glass that is clean, shining and streak free, you think modern, sleek, sophisticated!

Modern design is all about clean! Clean lines, clean design… simplicity! However, just a small simple thing can have an enormous impact! Less is definitely more in the modern world. In this case, less is everything!