Replace Old, Inefficient Glass Panes Yourself

Replace Old, Inefficient Glass Panes Yourself

As windows age they can loosen up in their frames, crack, scratch, or even discolor. Furthermore, windows are the main source of heat loss in the winter and unwelcome heat gain in the summer. In other seasons, a little of both along with variable weather conditions can take a toll on your windows. What to do? You need a practical solution which is of course, to replace window glass in the most efficient way possible.

That sounds logical enough–and thinking along the lines of energy savings, the best solution is to replace the glass with double panes that have insulating properties. However, if the ecologically-friendly fix is impractical or too expensive, there’s still a right way to replace window glass.

If you choose to do it yourself and the pane to be replaced is larger than 2 feet by 3 feet, a professional is your best bet. Glass is tricky to handle and the previous installation can leave behind dangerous shards. If you go ahead and do the job, take extra precautions when you replace window glass.

Wear heavy gloves and safety goggles.

Remove the old glass as carefully as possible.

Clean the area vacated by the old glass.

Apply the proper putty or sealing compound.

Put in new glass that has been properly cut into the frame.

Add the special metal glazier’s points.

Add a finishing coat of putty.

Paint putty carefully and let dry.

Admire your work.

There are kits you can buy with tools and instructions. Be sure of measurements and give it your best shot. However, if you’re going the energy-saving route with the double-pane-insulated-energy-reduction coating, please consider having a professional do it. It might cost a whole lot more but in the end, what you save on electricity and heating, can more than make up for the initial investment.