Tips For Enhancing Silk Valances As Ideal Decor For French Doors

Tips For Enhancing Silk Valances As Ideal Decor For French Doors

Silk valances are back in business, especially as chic decor for French doors and high-windows. The trend has kept dealers busy, even as the effect of the recession is yet to fade out completely. A lot of homeowners have opted for such alternatives against pelmets or rods as the latter are much more difficult to maintain. With the sprawling estates and huge homes finding no takers, it is natural that people will look for cost-effective alternatives in order to cut down on maintenance costs. Silk valances not only help keep a tab on this but also help enhance the elegance of the interiors, especially if you have drapes or curtains of the same material.

Here are some tips to help improve upon the already graceful imagery provided by the silk valances:

* Colors – You can mix and match different colors to induce a trendy yet classy look for your silk valances. For this, you should also keep a tab on the color combination used in your room. Make sure that the colors used for the window decor complements the color patterns used in the room. However the opposite can also work well, as many homes play out a stark contrast of conflicting colors – forcing the attention of the visitors onto the windows first!

* Shades – Even if you have a strict one-color affinity, pick silk valances of the same color, but of different shades. This will help keep your color attributes on a favorable footing, and yet offer a great impact on your home decor in a positive manner.

* Fabrics – From raw silk to banded Thai or Italian cotton constituents, using different material for valances in different rooms will add to the splendor. However, keep in mind that the overall ambiance of the room is at par with the style of window decor you decide to put up. Too elegant decor in your otherwise bland study can look more like a disruption than a style statement.

* Unconventional Styles – Experiment with your window decor. Mix and match styles, use balloon patterns, and infuse a sense of planned but messy patterns to help your window decor grab eyeballs in an instant.

Silk valances can be a cost-effective solution to your interior decor requirements, if you only know how to play your cards right. Keeping these tips in mind will help to a great extent in achieving the elegance you had been looking for.