Try An Economical Window Exhaust Fan

Try An Economical Window Exhaust Fan

A less expensive way to cool the interior of the house and remove stale odors is with a window exhaust fan. They can go in nearly any sized window and work well at pulling air from outside pulling in fresh air.

It is much less costly to operate a window exhaust fan than an air conditioning unit. However, you can use them interchangeably, by operating the fan at night and the air conditioning during the hottest part of the day. Operating both at the same time is not recommended, as the fan will merely push out the cool air already indoors. It will also make the air conditioner work harder, leading to higher energy costs.

These devices work best in northern regions where the air is cooler at night. It can bring in enough air in a few minutes to bring the indoor temperature down to that of the outdoor level. Conversely, they can simply be turned off when out of the room to help keep energy usage down.

This window fan is economical so it can be used in more than one room, if needed. It will help keep a kitchen from becoming too unbearable when cooking during the warmer times of the year. This device comes in many different sizes and price ranges as well.

Products should come with the UL label for the motor and an OSHA stamp of approval for the guard in front of the fan blades. It is best to find a product with at least a six foot cord if it will be used in many different locations throughout the home. Other features that this item may come with include multiple speeds and a quiet motor; thus not disturbing those in the current or adjacent rooms.

Such devices should be used with caution in some situations. People with allergies to pollen or who live in areas that get very dusty do not want to use such and item. Areas that are very damp may not be the best place to use this product either, as the moist air can be pulled indoors, making the space feel even warmer.

As mentioned, window fans are best used in northern regions and are helpful in cooling one or many rooms, depending on how many are installed. They can fit almost any space, such as a bedroom, kitchen or bath. They can also be used in a living room to keep the family comfortable in the evening. This is a more affordable option than air conditioning, due to lower initial cost and lower energy cost.