Window Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Window Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Window cleaning isn’t always fun, but it needs to get done. This is something that only needs to be done once or twice a year, depending on the area that you live in and the climate that your house is exposed to. Take the time to pick a good day to work, get the right materials, and in no time, you will be done and ready to move onto a new project.

Choose a Good Work Day

When it comes to window cleaning, you want to pick a day when the sun isn’t shining directly on your home. Cloudy days are best, however, you don’t want to be working out in the rain. When there is a little shade, you get a little more time to work before the sun dries up the excess water and cleaning supplies, leaving spots and blemishes.

For you, this can make the work a little easier. If the sun isn’t shining, there is a good chance that the weather is going to be nice and you aren’t going to be outside sweating while you work on the house. If you are going to get the kids involved, they are also going to be more likely to help if they aren’t going to get overly hot and sweaty.

Get the Right Materials

While there are all kinds of products on the market today, you may want to use some items that you probably already have laying around the home to assist you with the window cleaning. Start with a clean, dry cloth to get rid of the build up and debris before adding any type of liquid. A squeegee is another valuable tool that help remove liquids once they are added. Be sure to find one the works well. After each use, use a cloth to remove the excess water so that you can start anew on the next stroke.

Most people aren’t sure what type of liquids to add to the area to ensure that they are cleaned well. The best combination is a mix of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar added in a spray bottle. Spray the entire area and use the squeegee to remove the extra. Because this isn’t a job that needs to be done every week or even every month, take the time to do it right so that you can enjoy the view when looking to the outside of your home.

When you begin to work on the inside window cleaning, you are going to use the same techniques and materials. The only difference is that you want to be a little more cautious when it comes the amount of water that you use and the area that you spraying. You don’t want to miss the intended areas and spray all over the walls or have the floors covered in water. Take your time.

If window cleaning seems like an overwhelming task, or you own a two story home, you may want to consider calling in the experts to take care of this project for you. Be sure to call in advance to set up and appointment for someone to come out and get the job done. While it may cost a little more than doing it yourself, it will save you some of the time as well as the effort.