Window Repair – Find Out How to Do Your Own Repairs

Window Repair – Find Out How to Do Your Own Repairs

When it comes to window repair, there are many ways to avoid shelling out an exorbitant amount of money. The upkeep of windows can insure many different benefits in the long run. There are plenty of reasons for this. During the winter, a drafty window can make all the difference in the world. Not only that, but a broken window can let things in that shouldn’t be in your home such as bats, birds, and squirrels. If there is a way in, they will find it. It also saves money on the heating and energy bills as it can be a waste of heat if it just goes out the windows. It simply defeats the purpose of having heat.

Painted Shut Windows

It is strange, but a lot of the times that sash windows become problems is when someone paints them shut. To fix this problem, you either need a box-cutter or a putty knife. You will slide it in from both sides of the window to get break open the painted shut window. If that hasn’t worked, then do the exact same thing to the top and bottom seals. Unfortunately, if a window cannot open due to warped wood then you are going to find a professional carpenter.

Broken Glass

Having a broken window can lead to a lot of problems. If you have a broken window, you can fix it yourself. With all proper protection precautions taken, remove all of the broken glass and then get the putty off of both sides of the window. Take all of the metal tabs that hold the glass in place too. You will need to use linseed oil on exposed wood or if the frame is made out of metal then you need to paint it with rust resistant paint. After that you are going to need to measure the opening and have a piece of double strength glass. This double strength glass needs to be cut between 1/16 and 1/8 inch smaller than the opening of the window. Put putty around the window opening outside of the glass and then put a line of the putty around the frame. Next, you are going to push the glass into place. After pushing the glass into place you are going to push the metal tabs (glazier’s points) into the wood and space them six inches apart. Get more putty and put it around the opening of the window on the outside of the glass. Use the putty knife to push it down and make sure that it is even. You’ve repaired a broken window! You are ready to get into the world of professional window repair now!…