Importance of Wrought Iron Curtain Rods in Hanging Curtains

Importance of Wrought Iron Curtain Rods in Hanging Curtains

Wrought iron curtain rods are the right rods for hanging your curtains. These are attractive, pleasing to the eye, rigid, tough, heavy-duty and also work well on improving the style element of the house. They provide a touch of feel and royal look to your house. The reason for these rods to be regarded as the famous option is discussed below.

Wrought iron rods for curtains come in many motifs and chic. These come in several striking designs like plants, animals, and stars and provide beauty to your drape hardware and all other kinds of home equipments.

These rods are available as both hooks and hookless rods. The hooks are found at the two ends in case of hook type rods, whereas in hookless type rods, there will be no hooks and the rod will be attached with the window directly. These come in several old fashioned or retro styled colours like brown, black, and metal colours and now available also in mixed blends of colours to suit the modern day houses.

In today’s modern world, several companies have come forward to produce additional accessories in order to sync the wrought iron curtain rods like curtain shelf brackets, curtain rings and rod brackets for curtain, etc with that of the modern house needs. You will just have to select the curtain rods along with the matching hardware and sync them with the style of the room.

The wrought iron curtain rods can be used with widows having width size of 28″ to 130″ inches and with little bit of creativity, you can even extend them beyond that size as well. Even the wrought iron curtain rods will start to bend, if it has to run along 130 inches. So, to avoid such problems, it is always better to join liners of rods (2 or 3 rods) together and use them for wide sized windows. You can make a combo of 2 rods to give a new style and rigidity to the rods that run across wide sized windows. One type is one ball finial rod for curtain and the second one is decorative finial rod. Now when both are joined, at the centre, a new design will be produced.

The strength and the weight of the these rods determine its ability to withstand the weight on the curtain.…