When Is The Best Time To Utilize A Janitorial Service?

Janitorial services can reduce germs and allergens in your workplace. These services help your staff stay healthy and productive. They can also improve the appearance of your facility.

Local cleaning companies know your industry’s specific requirements and safety regulations. They use tried and tested solutions and systems to deliver a high standard of cleanliness.


In Portland, sudden winter snowstorms can wreak havoc on local businesses and disrupt commutes. The best way to prepare for a winter storm is to plan ahead. Make sure to have a stocked emergency kit in case of power outages, know your transit schedule and check on your neighbors who may need assistance or supplies. Also, clear walkways and paths for seniors and people with disabilities.

Partner with a company with janitorial service Portland Oregon, that will ensure your facility is clean, disinfected, and ready for the cold. A professional janitorial services provider can also provide other property management services, such as landscaping, day porter, handyperson, supplies, electrical, and plumbing. With national resources, oversight, and local franchise owners and service providers, JAN-PRO delivers operational consistency and reliability, reducing risks associated with managing an in-house team or one-size-fits-all providers. The customer portal gives you a single view of your facilities and operations, work orders, service confirmations, and more across the United States.


The days are getting longer, the daffodils are popping up, and it’s time for a spring cleaning. A janitorial service Portland Oregon can thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas of your commercial facility, including furniture, floors, windows, and other surfaces. This reduces germs and dust that can trigger allergies and asthma in your employees and visitors.

Additionally, using a janitorial service eliminates the need for you to have an in-house team that requires additional staffing, sick days, vacation days, payroll taxes, equipment expenses, and other costs that can add up quickly. As a one-stop shop facilities management provider, JAN-PRO provides operational oversight and consistency through professional franchise owners and local service providers for janitorial, landscaping, day porter, handyman, supplies, electrical, plumbing, and more.

This allows you to reduce risks associated with managing multiple vendors and gain a single view of all your facility services through our customer portal. This includes work orders, service confirmations, and other metrics to improve regulatory compliance and employee absenteeism.


Summer is an ideal time to tackle home maintenance projects that might fall by the wayside during the rest of the year. You might want to clean out the gutters, convert a child’s room into a home office, organize the kitchen, or update your landscaping.

While Portland has made considerable progress in reducing fine particle pollution thanks to improved vehicle emission standards and EPA regulatory rollbacks, high PM2.5 levels continue to spike during winter due to domestic wood burning and cold air inversions that trap pollutants above ground. Ozone, a secondary pollutant, also rises during the summer as warmer temperatures provide more opportunity for its formation.

With JAN-PRO, you can receive one-stop-shop facility management with corporate